All right, comms check.
Can you hear me, kid? – Yeah I can. It’s a little loud out here.
– I like the new suit. – Thanks.
– Whoa, Peter, you sure that’s not real? Yeah, it’s just 100 times bigger
than I expected. Still the play? We need to get high enough
so Beck doesn’t see me coming. Copy. Stay sticky. – Hey, Happy.
– Yeah, kid. What is it? We need to have a serious conversation
about you and my aunt! Beck, report! Guterman, I need a response.
Something quick and decisive. “It’s all the Elementals.
They’re somehow merged into something…” …into something else.
Something more powerful. It’s drawing energy from the Earth’s core. See, now, that’s some bullshit. Is that…? Be ready for anything. Yeah. It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real! That’s awesome. William, I’ve got drones
breaking formation. Maybe they hit a flock of birds or something.
You’re fine. I wanna see what’s happening now
Taking manual control. Do you see anything? Yeah. And I’m gonna kill him. I hope this works. You got me? I got you. Boss, the illusion is coming apart. I see you. – EDITH, give me some protection. They’ll see what I want them to see! – Do you still need the cape?
– Yes, Janice. – I still need the cape.
– Done. – Now William, render my illusion suit.
– All right, hang on. The monster was full of drones!
It’s crazy! There you are. Easy. Who the hell is that? – Ned!
– Happy! I gotta get you guys out of here!
Get on the jet! – Who are you?
– I work with Spider-Man, okay? – You gotta get on that jet.
– You work for Spider-Man? I work with Spider-Man,
not for Spider-Man. – New plan. Into the Tower.
– What? – Happy, are you okay? There you are. Into the Crown Jewels vault! – Yeah, go, go, go!
– Come on.