Starting with the name of ALLAH the most beneficent and merciful. Aslamu Alaikum, welcome back to my channel
Fashion tips. viewers, today i am going to make a water gel that will make your skin tight, soft and younger looking. this gel has wonderful effects and you should really try it at home. to make this gel, first we need tragacanth herb gum. this is the same gum that you use in drinks in summers. make sure you get tragacanth gum instead of edible gum. this is how edible gum looks like(dark color crystals). you need to take the lighter tragacanth crystals. then you need to grind it or crush it into a powder form. you can see a beautiful shine in the crushed powder as well. this gum has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. it has plenty of proteins that also stimulate skin proteins like elastin and collagen. it also improve skin texture by producing new skin cells. it reduces wrinkles and fine lines from the skin. this gum also has cooling and soothing characteristics and reduce the sunburn. it reduces the irritation because of pimples and puffiness of eyes.also it will make your skin very soft. to make this gel, you need a bowl and add 2 tablespoon of tragacanth herb gum powder in it and add 1 cup of water in it. after adding water, you need to leave it for whole night or for 7-8 hours so it will get swelled up in water. here i have already prepared this mixture for keeping it for 7-8 hours. you can see the gum has absorbed the water and looking like a gel now. now you need to take a pan and filter this mixture in it through a thin cotton cloth or a strainer. you need to strain the mixture properly. now i will heat up the filtered mixture to prepare its gel. you need to heat it for enough time so all the mixture will reduce to less than half. our gel is ready as you can see which will help us with anti-aging effects. now i will turn off the flame and let it cool down. now i will pour this mixture in a bowl and our wonderful gel is ready now. you need to put it in a spray bottle. you need to spray this simply on your skin through out the day when you get time and absorb it into your skin. your skin will get very soft and smooth and this is how it will also help to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. this is an awesome remedy and you should really try it as it will give you very good results. as you can see a very beautiful shine on my skin as well. you can store this spray on room temperature in winters for a week. but in summers, you need to store it in fridge.viewers, if you liked my video, then subscribe to my channel and people who have already subscribed i am very thankful to you.we will meet with a new video, Allah Hafiz.