[Music] there’s a magician who is deceased now if you go on YouTube I guess you could just punch in magician smoking cigarettes and basically you pick a card and he starts lighting up cigarettes and he has conversation with you while you’re while you picked a card and he always ask you what is your card so you keep repeating it and in the midst of him grabbing cigarettes and throwing him in his mouth while they’re lit somehow he picks up the card and the card is lodged in his mouth so at the end of the trick he pulls the card that she picked out of his mouth with a special mark on it it’s just amazing amazing trick we’re talking about the guy with the cigarettes right right well I definitely don’t smoke yet I hope I never will just because I’ve tracked it my lungs healthy but we’re gonna try one just like that just say stop wherever you’d like we did I’ll go through the down again just say stop stop right there memorize this car got a memorize got it to get close look at it watch we’re just gonna take it and watch close just rip off the corner just like that okay watch just like this take that corner it’s gone right I don’t smoke look but you miss the Miss direction just watch this my hands right here just like that piece right cigarette trick every tiny is good it always it always blows my mind yeah like that’s it alright Sam so what we’re doing right now set up a little set up yeah six of diamonds this is what we call the long con that’s my finger are you gonna use this or Magnum is this even go for that one alright see it’s gone you see that look I got kind of good at it right back and pull it on and crumple it up right yeah that’s dead some greedy but if I just rub the deck a little bit it comes right back can I just hand you the camera for a quick second you just pointed at us yeah yeah you can see the screen perfect yeah yeah Sony minicard one out of 52 yeah I’m just don’t sleep antenna done ten of diamonds okay kind of diamonds just like that I can’t believe I actually grew up to the one on top to hear me see anything like your brother I know you can do I don’t know it’s been a long time just like that and regular wind wouldn’t do that because there’s very little blow to begin you can do the same trick twice [Music] by the way this video is sponsored by the COPO playing card company we’re gonna do a live unboxing of the pinball playing cards let’s see what they look like we’ll see if you approve rights with the break off the cellophane now the most important thing when you’re opening a brand new deck right you got to make sure you know how car is a new car smell yeah there’s a new deck smell you got to make sure we get rid of Louie he probably changed the card doing it all right cool so we got the add card and then who there’s not even borders on them you know I’m standing on those white boards right I guess they look cool when you do stuff like that handling brand new cars are always really slippery I like them hey hold on I don’t care what anybody says [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] they actually do look really pretty when doing stuff like that yeah gotta get the no edges now I’ll end this trick before I even saw in YouTube it was a Ryze magic tutorial watch take this five make a disappear okay see that yeah I saw its in my hand right oh my god I mean I got kind of good at it right I can pull it off crumple it up it’s gone magic memorize this card want to make sure I can’t see it Tamara got it yeah watch this you picked that car by free choice right if you look behind us we have time words right remember your car was right anywhere to stick out to you I see one over here that might that might jog something in your memory and a diamond does that mean anything to you yeah it’s the card that occurred that I picked paranoid mo oh we see the deck [Laughter] [Music]