My name is Sarah Mullins, and I am the
chairperson of the Accessory Design department at FIT.
You know, the Cricut company came to us with this idea, and I thought it was perfect
for our students because our students are making products in class every day.
Hi, my name is Kat Clock, and I’m a senior in Home Products Development at the
Fashion Institute of Technology. Yes, so this is kind of the fun part, especially
with fabric because you just hear it working and then you just peel it off
when it’s done and then there’s just, like, this beautiful, clean line. So, it
cuts and draws at the same time, and I, like, my mind just, I was like, “Oh, my gosh!”
Like, I get it now! My name is Jonathan Metier. I’m a junior at FIT College and I am an Accessory Design major. So, the project I designed, I
nicknamed it Furry Feet and it is a sock that slips over the tongue for young
children to customize their sneakers or shoes. I love how the machine can do
things where it’ll add lines for where you should know where to put the next
piece, or the sewing allowance, or just any type of turned in edge or notch for
lining things up. That’s honestly my favorite feature and it makes everything
really easily. Hi, my name is Sonya. I’m a junior at FIT, and my major is Accessories
Design. The line I created is called Essentials in Knot, which is an
accessories line. It’s really interesting to see the little gold details, like, the
intricate cuts come out of the machine real quick. It’s hard to do these by hand,
but with the machine it’s just effortless. And it definitely makes a lot
of sense when you’re cutting, like, small pieces so we’re like, it makes it easier. So, if
she was to hand cut and hand punch all these holes over and over and over,
you can speak for yourself, it gets too tiring. Hi, I’m Maggie Feldman. I study Home Products Development, and I’m a senior at FIT. So, I’m doing a wall art that has like a
hamsa prayer to it. It’s really cool. Yeah. My favorite was, honestly it was a
little tricky, but I’m cutting with the wood. I made for my dream catcher, I made, like, a hamsa hand. After that was all cut out and done, after I, like, did it I was,
like, this is, like, the coolest thing. So, my given name is , and I go by
Chloe because it’s easier to call. I’m in Accessory Design at FIT,
and I’m a junior. So, all my accessories are, like, for everyday
use so, like, for instance, I have laptop case, or, like, a passport case. So, like,
something to, like, handle really easy. Hi, my name is Laila Fetter. I’m a
senior at FIT and I study Home Products Development. So, my collection, I call it
Lit because it is a collection of light boxes. My name is Alyssa Breitweiser. I
study Home Products Development at FIT. This, this is vinyl. Like, I cut this out
with vinyl. Cricut is awesome for that, because this
whole project you’re getting to actually create these things instead of just
being a concept in your head. The sky’s the limit; as long as you can get it on
to the Cricut Design Space you can kind of create anything with it.