Below you will see a magic trick which I entitled “cards in the hat” I hope you enjoy it Let’s make a new magical game need a magic wand ok look I have nothing in my pocket here we have 3 cards and a hat that has nothing try to remember these 3 cards the ace of cups, 2 golds, and 5 of Wands these three cards, deposited inside the hat están dentro del sombrero the ace of cups, 2 golds, and 5 of Wands we take any one, for example this, 5 of batons 5 of batons, we leave in my pocket now take a magical passes with magic wand what card I have in my pocket? – 5 of batons, Not true!, 5 of batons is single inside the hat! …and have traveled to pocket the 1 of cups and the 2 golds you can see that they are normal cards yes, yes awesome! to do this trick we need to make a fake card we take the Ace of Cups and we glue for his back to 5 of batons pressed evenly until it is all well gluing no Bubbles now we will stick the 2 golds Naturally cards which can be freely ye might choose we glue only half of the card and paste it on the Ace of Cups in this way and cut the leftovers with sharp scissors this is the result the whole show so fan and it will seem that there are three cards gameplay is as follows that’s all folks Do not subscribe to this channel! is an exclusive channel for magicians!