Right Now, I’m at Kamalapur Railway Station & I’m going to NoWhere Don’t know where I’m going. & my friend Shantanu Shuvra is on line for Ticket There He even don’t know which Ticket he will buy & the plan is ‘NO PLAN” After getting Ticket we will know where we are going to go. Wish me Happy Journey! [Laughing] so, where we are going? We are going to…….. WTF! Where is Shaistaganj! Shaistaganj! OMG! Finally we’ve got cabin! We have ticket now. & going to Shaistaganj We have no idea where is Shaistaganj in map. Train is moving! Tata We are in cabin now I’m in top seat Fan is right upon my face! Too much fun!!!!!!!!! Now we are at Sylhet! & Right behind me Sylhet Railway Station What’s the plan? have any? Shurva: NO We don’t have any plan still now! Let’s see what happen… Famous Keane Bridge is right behind me. On Keane Bridge It takes tk 5 extra to cross keane bridge by Rickshaw. Because of it’s height. Surma River is right behind me! Now at Tomb of Hazrat Shahjalal (r) with Shantanu Shuvra Inside the Tomb Now We will go more inside after sometimes. Many Jalali Pigeons behind me & this side Pigeon’s dining [Beggars making hassle] In front of Sylhet International Cricket Stadium Stadium… [Marnicherra Tea State] Now going to Sylhet Airport & just saw Tea Garden of Sylhet … dry Tea Garden Now at Hazi Biriani (Food) Very hungry we will eat now. Now, we will go to Lalakhal 1st to Bondor, then Shari ghat then Lalakhal. Shari River is just behind me Sylhet’s famous Shari River. Standing on a boat Boat floating on Shari River & this boat is waiting at Shari Ghat This place called Shari Ghat. because, this is near to ‘Shari River’ Why river’s named ‘Shari?’ as Bazaar’s name is ‘Shari Ghat’. so River’s name is ‘Rhari’ oh !!!! Sharighat – with Shuvra & Shyama There are so many boat behind me. Now, Shuvra will say us something. We are at the End of Sylhet Tour. we just visited Shahjalal Tomb Malnicherra Tea State also Osmani Park, Airport all done… almost every location inside Sylhet City is done Though we ignored Jaflong, Madhabkunda etc but, to feel the beauty of Hill, Stone & River now we are already at ‘Shari Ghat’. If you want to come Shari Ghat, let me say easily 35 TK bus rental per head from Sylhet City Sobahan Ghat Bus Stand Now, we will follow the river to go Lalakhal by boat. Now at a bridge upon Shari River Just came here from there. We can go Lalakhal by boat also but we don’t have sufficient time. so.. We are traveling with this Auto Rickshaw. Just arrived at Lalakhal Walking to Lalakhal a.k.a Shari River Is that Lalakhal or Shari River? Which is right? Shurva? Any Idea? Shuvra: May be both Stepping down to Boat Now riding on boat to Zero Point & Tea Garden Crystal Clear Water! We were at that side now this side. [Talking Rubbish] A very nice road behind me but, we won’t follow this way It has no destination. People who live there, made that road for their own. We will follow this way. A factory behind me Tea Factory & some people playing football & there’s another Tea factory Very close to previous factory Tea State is just after those factory.