Hey, what’s up you guys it’s me again And today what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have another one of those months to showcase this on table low It’s one of those light and dark net force that i pulled About six months ago or something like that but i just didn’t get enough dice magicians to actually pull him Off but i did give him pretty much all of my, skill ups all of my, devil months i really felt, like testing him He seems like a really interesting unit so let’s just get into the video shall, we? yeah, i don’t know i Don’t know. You guys like i just felt like, i need, some sort of intro i think it’s, gonna be like one of my New, staple, means that we’re gonna just have in my videos But yeah, like, always with all of my months of showcases we’re gonna have a little bit of a discussion at first we’re Gonna, talk, about all of tableau skills then we’re. Gonna have, some field tests and then we’re Gonna, talk, about it’s possible room bills, so i’m gonna leave, some time stamps on the screen right now let’s talk About total skills for a little bit Basically we’re gonna start off with the return dice because i think that’s pretty much the strong skill of table even though come to us Actually nerfed a little bit basically what it does is it produces the attack? Bar of all of your opponents, down to zero it doesn’t matter if they have immunity It doesn’t matter which sort of buffs they, have it just always best that it also doesn’t get affected By accuracy in any sort of way so that’s a really good ability in addition to that it’s gonna buff your allies with The tech speed it’s not an attack power, boost but it’s A tech speed, boost but the only thing that comes his attitude disability Was that they added and stun on tablo’s so he can’t just return dice and proc your violin and just keep going Like that like he used to his first skill, like the second Skill he basically rolls to dices and it depends on which sort of numbers you vols the debuffs that he gets on your opponent Basically if you roll a 4 you get unrecoverable, so that’s he’ll Break if you roll a 5 you get defense break if you roll a 6 you get lansing, and So on and basically what it also has is if he rolls the same number he’s gonna get a Bottom unlucky 7 his second skill he Also rose to dices and if he gets a number greater than 7 he’s gonna get stuns if not he’s gonna slow Your opponent and in addition to that if he gets the same numbers as wah he’s gonna get an extra turn so as you guys Can see we’ve got a lot of violent resets in his kit on top of that what we’re getting is we’re gonna get a 24% Speed for arenas so overall it’s a really solid unit and i really look forward to testing him, for the one below We got a giant, and we’re gonna try and bring, my table with this Whole team composition sierra and orion basically just to outspeed, my opponents My table isn’t that fast it’s like one issue that i had i just basically gave him one of my balance sets he’s far from On my best violent ruins, so i’m probably, gonna change that here we go and? We get the first turn but gianna is on where rune so let’s just hope that, we can, strip, her first now we don’t get that fuck i Don’t think that, we need, you do you, want to try and go for the– mars i think We should move before diana shouldn’t, we let’s go for it let’s just keep give it a try i’m stunned you mars and Just hope that We move before her nice we actually get that let’s go for a return dice We kind of want to get rid of her, well once before we do anything else that’s the thing so my ryan should move next Let’s see how, many products, we get we don’t get? Any shit so janna is gonna bump, my table low, which is gonna be really annoying? unless no it’s not gonna be i think we’re, gonna bump the ela draw, and Proctor and do our own few mars nice all right here we go critical error If my table prague’s nice as. You, guys just saw like i didn’t need, to bump the mouse right here because We had to turandot on him, no matter what, and that was alright so what we’re gonna do right now Is we’re just Gonna, poke into a little a little bit and start poking on diana nice and we didn’t get the cube that’s pretty huge i kind of expected the johanna to not kill me there i usually build rather tanky let’s cover the unlucky seven and We get this, done that’s huge let’s go for the fuck There we go, never get resisted, but it’s alright like, we kind of got lucky with the bumps so far do We want to use two i don’t really think that? We need, to use the harmless prank right now even though obviously like, you, want to get as much attack power as possible but Oh, fuck i kind of expected either if you, die right here that’s the thing so let’s try, and kill the cr All right i mean the jayanna right here i think that should be enough Close fuck alright let’s kill in a row We are so screwed i was playing way too greedy right there but, we kind of need to use the hummus prank, because otherwise The the theme ours is just gonna fuck and Fuck so what do you, want to do right now, we need a proc we kind of need? Like, some products right here otherwise. Yeah might hello, is that fuck i miss played so hard right dear Yeah, there, we go with the heels there, we go with the procs let’s kill the little fuckin, finish, that piece of shit off Finally and orion should move first and we do run resistance lead? And by close to 100% resistance on all of my units but apparently that didn’t really serve us Let’s go for a cry of purification and the Thing is i don’t actually know if you, want to use i don’t think that? We want to use to pray of protection let’s go for this, justice strike on the orion, because he’s probably Gonna, be our main threat or our main target that, we want to kill? Don’t frog, yeah obviously you practice, again, right there Let’s go for a return dice yeah, let’s just go for it Because we still have to cleanse and we’re, gonna just cleanse ourselves after that Nice procs i think orion, moved like six times so far oh i should have, sorry guys come on can, we get provoked finally We get that so now let’s keep going on a run nice cry for vacation, again, let’s hit that We hit it off free right Shine go for a board i guess Let’s see if we can get, some ammo racks going or some shit, no, we don’t can, we get i’m a? Break, yeah nice i’m a. Break and I think that should be a data ryan, shouldn’t it come on no, we didn’t create fuck and there we go i think that, was the third um How, do you call it harmless prank okay, we need to go for the craft and i mean uh Invulnerability just to make sure that he doesn’t learn to ammo break Fly, fly so! we need To kill him with that but i’m not sure it scares off my defense and we are a defense problem so i think that’s not Gonna kill him yeah that, did like to see her, that much but Funny, we get that and it’s? Gonna be a jean showcase from what i can, tell, like she product so many times this time around We don’t need, to cleanse because he’s gonna move no matter what you want to go for unlucky 7 Let’s just go for it and you get a double stun but yeah We go to absolute zero so far we didn’t – lucky with the resists like i’m running 100% resistance on all three of them and he just keeps learning those fucking debuffs Really annoying all right let’s go for That just cleanse him for a little bit Try, and go first on or something like that i don’t know all right so he’s gonna focus my grabbing That’s all right with, me let’s go for the iron defense so now at least, we got the immunity going We kind of want to stand up a rod don’t we come on provoke at least We get that done we bunch don’t okay good i always, assure if he is okay great? We actually get the first row And we’re just gonna have to see if my table moves next because otherwise, we’re, gonna be in a bit of trouble i Kind of expected, me to outspeed him a little bit yeah there we go and? Fortunately for us at least he didn’t, ama break us right away, so let’s go for the for the monkey king i guess Returned ice is that actually important right now should, we do it should, we not i think yeah actually We don’t need, to do it let’s go for the unlucky 7 And try and get some stunts in because like, we don’t really delete any of their yeah nice slow but there We go with the violent prog so at least, we got that going for us let’s go for the return dice now and Give ourselves to speed buff and i think that should be a dead monkey shouldn’t have nice 22k the speed of actually synergizes very well with this area and There we go with this first revive, and he’s gonna focus on my table and just not one-shot Me don’t don’t do it nice alright, no no volume frog that helped us quite a bit idea because otherwise We would be in a bit of trouble All right and we get resisted right there all right so let’s go for a lan i mean the lancing on thea mars maybe We get a stun? Nice imma break at least, we got that going for us and that’s hurt Okay, so i think what we’re gonna do is we’re Gonna, poke n’they must get oblivion on him just to make him focus on my dis arian Maybe, we can, actually kill him with that, no but that, was pretty close Alright and now what we can? do
Is try and get oblivion on the monkey actually that should be able to nearly kill him nice all right Amuse and we should have our? unlucky 7up already, and Let’s go for a double stun right here triple stan alright kill the monkey and I don’t think that, we have oblivion on themer so we’re not gonna we’re. Gonna at least just pop the door right here And i smile in prague so now he definitely doesn’t have oblivion on him anymore Can we get a imma break nice and we popped into so now let’s go and imma break the ela drone And that should be a daddy little shana nice we actually had the first turn i didn’t expect That again but as you guys can, see a strip of we’re ones so we’re just gonna have to see if my table moves next i’m not even sure if you, want to use to return the ice So, my chest area moves first, let’s just imma break just soon for now Nice we learnt that maybe, we had about in prague you know We don’t get that so jesus That did a ton of that much so right now i kinda want to go for the return dice just to make sure that my Just soon doesn’t die from the monkey king that must be a super Squishy, poorna alright let’s cover the forum blossom right here and maybe we can, actually kill, that she soon with that come on Fuck that, was so close but that should Be that she soon nice at least We learnt that and poorna so far jesus he’s doing so much damage so let’s focus on the poorna for now Go, for the amuse, we need, some stunts, we need, some stunts Jesus, he’s doing so much damage with, the attack buff can, we get no that’s not gonna fuck but We get a violent prod but that’s not gonna help us at all i think that should. Be that just soon it isn’t it fuck Don’t don’t kill, my too, soon come on one more Nice come on please seven seven or above that Was done? That was pretty huge? So, what do you, want to do i think, we kind of want to go for the pronoun first, we learned oblivion? Is that gonna kill him come on, we need, to kill him if he prague’s Do you, want to kill him or do you, want to make sure that, we survive i think? Like if we glance we might not even kill him with that that’s a thing Let’s go over the farm blossom just to play it safe He doesn’t proc nice alright so let’s go for an, amuse because my table is gonna move she’s fucking Like left to right all right so we’re Gonna kill the porn right now we’re gonna get some revenge it’s not let’s talk, about the ruins and give you. Guys My, general recommendations, about tableau, and what i found out after testing him? Overall so far aside from guild war i did use, my table in various lucien comes the main Issue that i have with that Was that like he requires very different room bills from every one of those like sort of users so i’m just gonna show You, guys the build that i went with this time around for this video, we basically went with violent revenge with speed Hp, percentage, and defense percentage there’s really, no reason why i went with defense percentage outside of the fact that i didn’t really have any, more hp, percentage ruins i Think, like most of the units that i’ve reviewed so far like table especially an rta, hybrid units really prevail if you Want to call it that so maybe something like speed for damage hp Builds are gonna be the way to go i think violent, is kind of like a must you, guys saw many procs we’re getting just from his regular kit and Getting all of those resets on default that’s really amazing with violent ruins so i think there’s pretty much no way around that Aside, from the fact that like for example a swift sione has 102 speed as his base speed You, wouldn’t really make
too Much use out of his swift set and i think there’s pretty much no other rune set out there that can be utilized on table You might want to go for this spear but then, again His third skill doesn’t actually hit your opponent so you only have one aoe and To, violent progress it’s like i think even though this Pair might be good vitamin is just way better on him so as the Main set violent when it comes to offsets i try and go with Revenge the, main reason for that was because i figured if i built in tanky? He might as Well just be able to survive one or two turns anyways and he has the chance of avenging getting Some like defense breaks and shit like that but Overall i’m really not a big fan of the revenge offset if i had to choose i would go for something like i don’t focus Or and i think you might you guys most of you guys kind of expected me to talk about where runes i think Table is definitely a candidate for that Solution comes in particular you might Want to go for fight ruins the bottom line is if you use a table with solution You are able to use a very slow Lucian compared to you, like other team compositions especially, also with the speed lead that does also help out quite a lot So, yeah, he kind of reduces the stat requirements evolution, by a ton you might Want to go for triple fight or something like that if you can, actually pull that off Especially because so far i’ve only actually made Single lucian teams work with the table but maybe you guys tested something like Table, boost at w in comp and in those situations that might actually be useful as well So i think that’s definitely not gonna be the last video on a table i think the next one is just gonna be purely for Arena i just didn’t feel, like using a soup optimus Back for arena just to have like, some fights in the video but that’s Gonna be definitely something that we’re gonna, do over the next couple of weeks so yeah i hope you guys Enjoyed watching this video if you, did make sure to leave a like, also i got like This one secondary channel i’m just gonna have a link to that in my outro screen Where i’m gonna post like all of my intro memes and like generally like most of the Means that i create myself i kind of host it with a friend of mine who also makes Music i do plan on using some of his music in the future it makes like, super alternative and like very Experimental music so i’m not 100% certain, how Much of that music i will be able to incorporate because i’m i’m not really the biggest fan of electronic music Myself to be honest but, that’s just gonna
Be something that we’re Gonna have to take a look at once we actually get to it so yeah until then see you guys, my next video