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Beyblade Trick Shots BAHAMUT Edition | KAMIWAZA

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ベイブレード神業 クリスマス編 | KAMIWAZA (Beyblade Trick Shots Christmas Edition)

Dear Santa Claus. Please give me a beyblade. OK! Let’s Go Excalibur!! Let’s go!! Hello We are KAMIWAZA. Welcome to Beyblade Tricks Christmas Edition! Let’s go!! I will show the reindeer’s jumping power! Reindeer big jump shot! Oh. Pain. painful. Merry Christmas! Hey Santa! You dropped present! You dropped Santa! What are you doing? Lol…

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ばかっこいい日常4 | KAMIWAZA (Real Life Trick Shots 4)

You laughed so much. lol I can’t… You failed try not to laugh. lol Because this is so hard. You can’t laugh in this video. Of course. Hey!! I did… No, you don’t. It’s mine. Hey!! Why!? Hey. Cap man. Hey!! Make it!! Aaaaaaaaaa Hey!! Ehhhhhhh!? Please make it… Eh!!! You are not good at…

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ベイブレード神業 ハロウィン編 | KAMIWAZA (Beyblade Burst Trick Shots Halloween Edition)

Que paso wey! We are Kamiwaza Welcome to Beyblade Trickshots Halloween Edition Let’s go! Halloween Tornado Serpensortia Everyone hurry Oh! It’s Dementor! Do you know the spell that defeats Dementor? 3 … 2 … 1 … Expecto patronum Let’s go! Expecto patronum Did you see it? I am Harry Potter! Oh! Sorry! I will be…

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