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A Magician Reveals his Tricks & Saws a Woman in Half – The Mysterious World of Magic

A lot of people think magic is just a fun hobby but for us it’s so much deeper than that. I’m Claude the Great. And I’m Candy And I’m a Professional Magician. And I’m a Professional Magician’s Assistant. Magic really became a part of our lives when our best friend Tom died in fifth grade….

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My Favorite Magician – Magic Tricks with Ian

I have been blessed in my career to have some people appreciate what I do on stage and follow me. I’ve been doing this for a long time. Those people we in the entertainment industry affectionately call fans, and to all of my fans throughout the years I want you to know how much I…

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Working in the Theatre: Magic

[music] People have this desire to know that the world is bigger than them, that there are possibilities out there that go beyond our daily lives. People want to experience magic, they want to experience wonder, they want to feel that anything’s possible. [music] One of the greatest dreams that anybody has ever had, and…

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