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Jon Dorenbos Surprises Adorable 4-Year-Old with a Car!

All right, Audrey, are you ready to play a game, too? All right, follow me, come here. Because you know what? Earlier one of your neighbors won a car. And guess what? We have a car right here that’s got your name on it. But you have to play a game, OK? OK. And right…

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Hilarious Kid Volunteer as The Magician’s Apprentice

How ya doing? Good, and what’s your name? Nice to meet you Kyle. I’m Chad, this is Mike! Kyle, how old are you? Dude, you’re not going to believe this, that’s exactly how old I was when I was your age! Kyle, I want to get to know you a little bit. Where you from?…

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Adorable Kid Dancer Liang Liang Busts a Move!

Say hello! Hi. Hi, Grace. Hi. How are you? I’m good. [SPEAKING CHINESE] What did he say? They’re all up there. Yep, everybody’s up there. Hi, your son is adorable. [SPEAKING CHINESE] Thank you. Yes. So this is your first time in America. Do you like America? [SPEAKING CHINESE] [SPEAKING CHINESE] [SPEAKING CHINESE] [SPEAKING CHINESE]…

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