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SRF Bro. Achalananda — Spiritual Eye, Kundalini, “Wizard of Oz” — with captions.

Bro. Achalananda: In the middle of a conversation:… Well, you already have a technique to see the spiritual eye: Jyoti Mudra. Woman: Yes, but now, it’s like how I was saying, it’s like going forward and going back… Bro. Achalananda: Yeah, well first you have to get into it, right? Woman: No, first you have…

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Nonduality and the illusion of progress

Hello. Today I want to talk about nonduality and the illusion of progress. A lot of people are very attached to this idea of progress, but enlightenment… awakening…is something that happens…of its own. It’s almost a grace. Several teachers call it a grace. It is not something that’s willed. It’s not something that is achieved…

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