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Boogie’s Aether Heart – Magic The Gathering Spoiler / Preview Card for Aether Revolt

The Kaladesh Inventor’s Fair, where the best and brightest show off their genius. Hosted by the prestigious Kaladesh Technical College. Well look out, Kaladesh Tech, because the ninth best Community College in all of Tolaria East Is throwing its own Inventor’s Fair! What amazing new inventions will our talented students create? Let’s find out! The…

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MTG – A Guide To Standard JUND Energy for Magic: The Gathering

(TCC Theme plays) Are you looking to get into Standard but don’t want to spend a fortune on a fancy racing car that’s probably just compensating for something? Want a fast, hard to disrupt, competitive deck but are allergic to cats and combo? Tell that crazy cat lady to beat it- – because you’ve got…

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