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Liliana Reacts! Not on Modern Masters box? (Magic The Gathering MTG MM3 Spoiler / Preview Card)

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The MTG Finance Rebuttal – James Chillcott counters “Modern Madness!” – Magic: The Gathering

oh hello last week I published a video log or vlog where I expressed my concerns about the cost of specifically the modern format of Magic the Gathering I’m referring to this video here if you are not yet familiar with it after I published the video I was contacted by a prominent member of…

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Begin Playing Standard With Low Cost, No Cost Colossus! A Magic The Gathering Kaladesh Budget Deck

[Music] is the standard cost of standard well above your financial standards do you no longer have a spare kidney to sell for that Silesia aggro deck because you’ve already sold it to try out band mid-range worried you might have to start selling your plasma just to play at Friday night magic well worry…

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Tolarian Winds: “Modern Madness!” – A Magic: The Gathering Vlog

long-term viewers of this channel know that one of my favorite formats possibly my overall favorite format is modern and modern is in a really good place right now well it’s not ideal it is a really good play environment decks are balanced as always you can play the sort of decks that you love…

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Boogie’s Aether Heart – Magic The Gathering Spoiler / Preview Card for Aether Revolt

The Kaladesh Inventor’s Fair, where the best and brightest show off their genius. Hosted by the prestigious Kaladesh Technical College. Well look out, Kaladesh Tech, because the ninth best Community College in all of Tolaria East Is throwing its own Inventor’s Fair! What amazing new inventions will our talented students create? Let’s find out! The…

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MTG – The New Player’s Guide To Planeswalker Decks for Magic: The Gathering

[Music] the new players guide to planeswalker decks for Magic the Gathering planeswalker decks are claimed by Wizards of the coast as the best first purchase for a new player once such a player has learned the game through either magic duels or a welcome deck purchasing a planeswalker deck is intended as a potential…

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Tibalt, The Worst Planeswalker – A Magic: The Gathering Lore Analysis

Существует странный и действительно неожиданный аспект в создании MtG, заключающийся в том, что приемлемость и признание игроками, зачастую зависит от механики карты Чем сильнее и лучше карта в игре тем популярности и известности она получает Это может сильно разочаровывать создателей MtG Когда превосходные, мастерски сделанные части Создаются для “плохих” картам Некоторые игроки оценивают качество работы…

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MTG – A Guide To Standard JUND Energy for Magic: The Gathering

(TCC Theme plays) Are you looking to get into Standard but don’t want to spend a fortune on a fancy racing car that’s probably just compensating for something? Want a fast, hard to disrupt, competitive deck but are allergic to cats and combo? Tell that crazy cat lady to beat it- – because you’ve got…

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MTG – Is it worth it to buy a Commander 2018 deck for Magic: The Gathering?

[TCC intro music] Many Magic: the Gathering players ask the question: Is it worth it to buy a Commander 2018 pre-constructed deck? Once the star jewel of Wizards of the Coast, this year’s line has had a significant shake-up in both price and contents, begging the question more so than ever if the now $40…

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Captive Modern! Top 5 New Cards From Ravnica Allegiance For Modern – Magic: The Gathering

Modern! Um dos melhores formatos de Magic: The Gathering… …uma vez que banirem KCI (Krark-Clan Ironworks) Um formato que possibilita uma gameplay competitiva de alto nível mas que também permite que jogadores construam seus decks favoritos e ainda poderem levá-los ao sucesso… …uma vez que banirem KCI (Krark-Clan Ironworks). E o formato está sempre evoluindo…

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