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Aladdin – Ep 399 – Full Episode – 25th February 2020

If Mallika has made this Genie of the Lamp, herself he must be definitely having that magical mercury. So, tell me, what should we do next? For that, we’ll have to go to my caves. Hey you wanted to stop us from reaching the sorceress, Mallika, right? Whereas, now you, yourself will take us to…

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Aladdin – Ep 397 – Full Episode – 21st February 2020

Zeher why did you bring me near this maze? Brother, the way to the tree of life is through this maze. Fine if you say so. Genie. Go forward and help us to go cross this maze. No. Insolent! Listen to me first. What do you mean? I mean, no genie, no human or whoever…

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Aladdin – Ep 393 – Full Episode – 17th February 2020

Who is it? Who is it? Your assassin.. Yasmine.. Not Yasmine. It’s Queen Yasmine. You played a lot of tricks. You set a trap and conspired. Now, fight with me. Pick up this sword and don’t fight me from behind like a coward but from the front like a soldier. You want to fight with…

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Aladdin – Ep 396 – Full Episode – 20th February 2020

Ultimately, you succeeded in stealing this rose, boy! You must be getting bored without your lover! Get used to being cheerful. Because no power in this world will be able to save your lover! All you know is to take pleasure in boasting around, right? For a few moments, you may take as much pleasure…

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First Look ‘Magic Happens’ Parade at Disneyland Park – February 28, 2020

[music: upbeat]>>Jordan Peterson: Magic Happens starts with a bang. The opening of the parade is so special to us because it truly is the first time that guests are gonna get to glimpse all of the elements that have come together to make up this amazing parade. The first thing our guests will see will…

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Colin Farrell on Working with the ‘Magic’ Tim Burton on ‘Dumbo’

Talk about Dumbo. Let’s talk about the movie. Oh, yeah. So the original was– what was the original about, and what is this about? The original was– this is very much about the same thing the original is about. The original is about a baby elephant born into a circus, and the baby elephant is…

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Magical Ocean Moments! | Disney Princess

(upbeat music) – [Man] Moana! (laughing) (upbeat music) – I was there that day. The ocean chose you. (upbeat music) – I thought it was a dream. (water splashing) – Nope! – I am Moana, (murmurs). Warn my boat! Oh no. (moaning) (chicken clucking) – Did not see that coming. – I am Moana of…

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Amazing Card Trick set to DISNEY SONGS

Hey everyone my name is Quan and today I’m going to show you guys a really cool card trick along with my favorite Disney songs listen to the lyrics really closely to the cards and I’m so excited to share this with y’all so with that being said check it out (Turn on your sound)

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Disney’s Magic Kingdom||Airyap

hey guys wer’re done riding the helicopter and we’re here at Mc Donalds eating, in order to get to our next destination Say Hi Patring. Hi. Where are we going Patring? Disney. Disney UNO sister UNO You’ve arrived and this is it guys. This is our first ride in order to go either to the…

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Aladdin – Ep 353 – Full Episode – 23rd December 2019

Just tell me the way to find Mallika. Open your eyes and try to recall the mistake you committed. many years ago. And seek forgiveness for it. If you do that you might find a way to find Mallika. An apology.. Yes. Seek forgiveness. ‘If I have to fake an apology to get to Malika’…

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