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How to MAGICALLY CHANGE a Playing Card! – Magic Trick tutorial

(relaxing jazz music) (upbeat rock music) – What is up, guys? Alex Boyer here and today you’re going to learn something super amazing. Actually, by my good friend- – (screams) – Seb Parent. By the way, my friend Seb just started his YouTube channel so please guys, show him some love and subscribe to his…

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6 Magician Stereotypes

– When I say the word magician, what comes to mind? Today we’re looking at magician stereotypes. Magic is a massive tree with a ton of branches. So today, we’re gonna take a look at a few of those, six of those actually, with the help of Alex Boyer and Wes Barker. Go check them…

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Spending $10,000 in a Magic Shop!!

– What’s up, guys? Welcome back. Today is a bit of a crazy idea. Me and my friends, this is Alex Boyer and Wes Parker, make sure to go follow them. I’ll leave the link below. We’re going into this magic shop. It’s the only magic shop in Montreal. The owner has no idea. I’m…

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