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Learn how to perform BETTER magic from DAVID WILLIAMSON!

– What is going on– Mr. Williamson? – What’s up? Ow. You got quite a grip there. – I’ve been working out, have you not noticed? – I did not notice that, no. – It’s probably because– – Until you squeezed my hand. – So. (laughing) We are here with the very talented, – Don’t…

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Coin Magic Tutorial – How To Palm Coins Secretly

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How I Tricked the worlds Greatest Magicians

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Magic Tutorial : How To Do The Moving Ink Trick

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Magician Reacts To CRAZY Trick on Jimmy Fallon

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The BEST Mind Reading Card Trick : MAGIC TUTORIAL

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The CLASSIC PASS Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide To The Pass

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MAGIC TUTORIAL : Card Under Box Trick

– So recently, I have been posting a few performance videos on my Instagram. And a lot of you guys asked, hey, Alex, why don’t you do a tutorial on those videos? Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing here today. We are taking a look at the card under box routine and teaching you everything…

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How to VANISH a CARD using MAGIC! (tutorial)

(whistling) (slurping) – So good. Taste like heaven. Yo, what is up guys? Alex Boyer here and today you will learn how to vanish a playing card. Also, stick to the end of the video and I’ll show you how to make it appear as well. So stay tuned because you’re here for a treat…

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Learn the BLOODY Card Trick – MAGIC TUTORIAL

(mystifying music) – I just got back to New York and I received one of the two decks that will be released on Thursday, October 10th. This is the FEAR deck. This is the Halloween charity deck. If you know, every Halloween or Halloween season for my birthday, we do a big event and every…

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