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Funny Magic with Alphabet Cards – Tyler’s Magic

Hey guys. We’re here at TreeHouse, with Emma, and Kyle as camera person. Why do we always have him as Kyleperson? Kyleperson? Kyleperson. Camera person. Are you going to make a pretty girl disappear? We have alphabet cards, which I may or may not have stolen. I say that because it sounds better than saying…

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Lizzo Does Magic Backstage With Smoothini At Firefly 2018 | Fuse

Was that magic? No because I didn’t listen to your music in these things. You gon’ plug this in my ass? [guffaws] [hip-hop music] ♪ ♪ SMOOTHINI: Yo. LIZZO: [laughs] I gotta give you some love, appreciation, warmth. Your creativity is off the chain, you’re going through an amazing year. Ooh, are you my psychic…

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Unbelievable Magic Trick That You Can Do

Welcome!! Hope you enjoy!! Ok, to do this trick, you are going to need Two cards A scissor Two-faced tape ANDDD… A computer screen Alright!! Here we go.

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Best Street Magicians Ever

Its Michael Blaine, Michael Blaine.. Alright , now we`re gonna do some street magic to the people of the park so follow me, come on … this guy, that`s just sitting there, right now his mind is about to get blown by the magic that I`ll be doing Excuse me, sir… Oh shit! I guess…

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America’s Got Talent MAGICIAN SMASHES NICK CANNON’S $250,000 WATCH | Collins Key

– The last time, I kind of like, I tried to use magic to get a girlfriend. – They said central park. – Central park. – Oh my God. – Thank you so much. – [Collins] I think something went a little bit amiss in the magic last time, because I guess she had a…

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Real Magic – Official Trailer

[Applause] Alright let’s get started. OK Claire, so the way it’s going to work is this – Alright, Richard. we’ve never met before have we? [NO AUDIO] And you’ve never met Claire before have you? [NO AUDIO] Alright, what’s your name? [NO AUDIO] Alright, Richard, the way it’s going to work is this Alright, this…

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