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The Most BASIC Card Trick Ever!

– Look at one card, but not this one. So now let’s try something a little bit different. A lot of people ask me if I do magic with my beard and I actually do, but one of these long, scraggly beard hairs, I just, oh no, I need a real beard trim, to be…

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Amazing card trick | Street Magic

Noooooooo! How do you do that? That’s really good, haha. Im shocked! I’m gonna ask you to pick a card, it doesn’t matter that I see what it is, but I am going to ask you to write your name nice and big across the card, so maybe pick one with a little white space…

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Street Magic in Bochum (Germany) – Bermudadreieck | Jumping Card | Marc Sueper

Different Cards, no dups 52 different cards, now just 51, one you’ve already got… pick one of these cards any you would like I’m allowed to see the card and also show it to everyone around I’m allowed to see, doesn’t matter Do you want to sign the card, wich makes it unique in this…

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