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Bonjour, je m’appelle Arjun Gupta, je joue Penny dans The Magicians Bonjour, je m’appelle Olivia Taylor-Dudley, je joue Alice Queen dans The Magicians, bientôt sur SYFY FRANCE Et bien tout ce que vous venez de dire ! Que c’est unique, sombre et bizarre. Super bizarre ! Beaucoup de gros mots et plein de folie !…

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The Magicians : Olivia Taylor Dudley et Arjun Gupta en interview

[Music] you are missing out it’s a fun show that is both crazy plot twists you don’t know what’s gonna happen ever but at the same time rich with character rich with poignancy and rich with death that’s tough it’s very binge where these show for sure I mean I know a lot of people…

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THE MAGICIANS | Season 4, Episode 9: Identity Crisis | SYFY

[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ – Hi again, bitch. Oh, what do I do? What do I do? – I–I do Strand’s Vitrum. – Cut a new prism. – Combine Gentileschi. – Doesn’t matter, though, because you’re– – I’m not. – You’re frozen. You move one hand to fix it, and you freeze. You need to…

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THE MAGICIANS | Season 4, Episode 1: Intertwined Ink | SYFY

[shrieks] Hey! [grunts] What the hell? – Janet Pluchinsky? – Am I under arrest? – No. – Well, what’s going on, then? And why are you wearing that ridiculous spelling bee medal? – It’s a magical amulet. – Mm. – Look, I am not crazy, okay? There’s something you need to know, and as soon…

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THE MAGICIANS | Season 4, Episode 6: This Or That | SYFY

– Look, we’ll find the stone. It’ll be– [clatter] – What are you doing? Stop. Jesus. ♪ ♪ Those pills can kill you. – I’ll take a new body. I’m bored. – You kill Eliot… and you can forget about us helping you. – Eliot, Eliot, Eliot. ♪ ♪ Why do you care about him…

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THE MAGICIANS | Season 4, Episode 3: Going Bacchus | SYFY

– Well, if you mean that I couldn’t go through with it, then, yes, you’re right. – Josh, we don’t have a choice here. Now, where is the rest of the Ambrosia? – Fine, but just know that Bacchus will never drink anything you give him. – Oh, I’m not gonna give it to Bacchus….

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THE MAGICIANS | Season 4, Episode 4: Checking Up | SYFY

the water my feet were bathed in. – Ugh, that’s pretty murky. – Okay, judgey. What’s it mean? – It’s too early to say. This is very interesting though. I thought you said you didn’t have any power. – No. I–I don’t. I can’t do magic. – Those aren’t the same. Oh, this– This is…

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THE MAGICIANS | Season 4, Episode 6: Age Is A Number | SYFY

[eerie music] ♪ ♪ – What in the hell? ♪ ♪ – Hi. I can’t begin to imagine how you fucked yourself hard enough to get here, but… [sighs] Let’s take advantage. Interesting choice on the hair. – Says the guy dressed like an ambulance chaser. So you’re dead me. – Technically. – Does this…

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THE MAGICIANS | Season 4, Episode 8: Hard Come, Easy Go | SYFY

you, Alice. Truly. I’ve arranged for the increase in rations. Thank you, as well. – [sighs] Well, for once, everyone in this room has done something good. Let’s enjoy it for the five seconds it lasts. – Of course. Sheila. – And, five seconds over. – [laughs] – Alice. It’s good to see you. –…

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The Magicians (Syfy) Official Trailer [HD]

The Magicians Syfy Official Trailer

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