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Mandala Magic

What my mental health has given me is the insight what it feels like to be really depressed or really really full of anxiety. We can say well just get over it but when you’re in the middle of it, it’s a hell of a lot harder. I had gone from a job that I…

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Mechanical Marvels—Optical Illusion Viewer: Picture Puzzle of King Christian V, 1685

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Money Risking Trick

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Op Art or Optical Art Movement – DIY optical illusion art

Would you like to know more about Op Art or Optical Art? Just after this. Hi there, my name is Albert van der Zwart, welcome to Imperfect Paintings … … where it is all about improving your painting skills by looking at art, yourself and the world around you. When people talk about Op Art…

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Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic | National Gallery

It’s that collaborative, collective act, and it’s the quality of human time which I think is embedded into the tapestry. I think that is what makes it so exceptional, and that is why we have called the exhibition ‘Weaving Magic’.

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John Magic | Arts in Context Shorts

– If I had to think about something that I haven’t done in life that I’d want to, I can’t think of one thing. I have my own theater, I’m performing every Saturday to hundreds of people. My family, we’re all together. You can’t ask for anything more than that. I am the American Dream….

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Richard Tuttle: Reality & Illusion | Art21 “Extended Play”

If I were a better artist or something, I would have really tried these many, hundreds of times. Different strings, and different situations, I didn’t wanna know them too well. A lot of my work is about not being able to do something well. It tries to locate itself in a place where An appreciation…

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That ONE DRAWING TRICK that CHANGED MY LIFE !!! Art tips for Beginners

Hello everyone and welcome for this new video, in this episode I’m going to share with you a trick that looks very simple but it actually changed the way I draw, and even change the way I see the world forever… So maybe you can help you ! Alright before I talk about this trick…

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Witcher Theme for Bullet Journal ~Magical fantasy bujo setup for 2020~ Colored pencil & ink tutorial

Witcher theme for bullet journal Interesting things to check out year in pixels 20 things to do before 2020 books to read , gratitude log Watch how to draw witcher Geralt looking over Novigrad in the previous video Geralt and Ciri’s sketching process will be in the upcoming video Vintage washi tape – link is…

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Marco Tempest: A magical tale (with augmented reality)

Marco Tempest: What I’d like to show you today is something in the way of an experiment. Today’s its debut. It’s a demonstration of augmented reality. And the visuals you’re about to see are not prerecorded. They are live and reacting to me in real time. I like to think of it as a kind…

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