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Skills for a modern wizard: 4 lessons in Muggle magic with the Super Carlin Brothers

Hey Brother! Guys, we never got our Hogwarts letter but we may have just received the next best thing. We have been invited by Google Arts & Culture and the British Library in London. The library has curated an incredible exhibit called Harry Potter: A History of Magic. Now, not only did we get to…

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Forrest. – My Room w/ Wizard Island (Lyrics) [CC]

Oh, all I want to do is sit right here in my room In my favorite cozy blanket that reminds me, of you Shut the blinds and cover back up For an hour, or two Oh, all I want to do is sit right here in my room Sit right here, straight in prison by…

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The Illusion of Depth – Contrast, Aerial Perspective and Form

How do we create the illusion of depth? How do we fake 3-dimensionality? In the next few videos I’ll try to explain all the ways that I know of. Now this is not going to be about how our binocular eyes see two slightly different images from 2 different angles and our brain interprets those…

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