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Ha ha ha aha wooooo aha *noises of delight* FUSHIGI! Hey guys, are you great that’s awesome, and oh my god I’m so excited, my stomach feels so weird, I actually think I’m having a bowel movement, Okay I’ll be right back. MAC! I was scrolling the internet like I always do – millennials, right?…

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The Magic Tap Review | Testing As Seen on Tv Products

okay okay welcome back to another Vivian tries look I’m even wearing one of my being head t-shirts don’t you love it this is one of my favorite ones you guys it makes me look slim look at my face on my own t-shirt what an ego i must have home today we are trying…

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Bright Bugz Evolution Review As Seen On TV Magic Trick

Today I’m reviewing the asking on TV bright bugs evolution folks please hit the subscribe button and also hit the bell hey there pantry pizza love them people Tony here with you today I have another exciting ask you know TV item right here you see says asking on TV this is the SE no…

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