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Music, Magic and Mayhem with Tesla Coil

Hi on my quest to find a greater power I came across things at lower power which were rather… beautiful. I mean look at these arcs created by my circuit. There are in order of hundred thousand volts and yet the only sound you hear from this… is the sound of stupidity. I’ll show you…

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Can You Trust Your Ears? (Audio Illusions)

Many of us have become quick to catch illusions that trick our eyes – but how often do you consider illusions of the ear? Are you really able to trust your ears and the things they hear? For example, listen to Greg speaking… What do you hear? If you heard ‘bar, bar, bar’ you’d be…

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5 Little Video Editing Tricks that make a BIG Difference! (Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial / How to)

– [Narrator] Hi everyone. My name is Justin Odisho and in this Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorial, I’m going to share five little editing tricks and techniques that can have a big impact on your final video projects. So I have got a couple random clips on the timeline to demonstrate these five different things….

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Sonny Emory // Sideman Magic [MartinLogan Presents: Artists in Motion]

(drums playing) (cheering) (drums beating) – Playing the drums is like a heartbeat (drums beating) A pulse. A body isn’t alive without a pulse and you’re the pulse for everything around you. And it’s gotta come from a place that knows rhythm deep within the soul. Lives every rhythm, breathes every rhythm. I’m Sonny Emory…

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Lucinda Williams, 2 Kool 2 Be 4-gotten (live), Fox Theater, Oakland, CA, Nov. 2, 2019 (HD)

This is called “2 Kool 2 Be 4-gotten.” (Yes, better now, thank you) There’s a book of photography that inspired me a great deal around the time I was working on this song. It’s called Juke Joint by Birney Imes. He was out of Oxford, Mississippi. There’s another book called Appalachian Portraits by Shelby Lee…

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Audiodetektyw: Holfi the Magician

Dziś zaprezentuję Wam prawdziwy hardcore akcesorium audio, co do którego nawet najbardziej odklejeni audiofile mają pewne wątpliwości. Przedstawiam Wam płytkę Holfi the Magican. Cześć, jestem Marcin Oglądasz Ton Składowy. Zapraszam na kolejny odcinek Audiodetektywa Co to jest i co to robi? Otóż płytka Holfi the Magican ma chronić przed szkodliwym promieniowaniem elektromagnetycznym. Promieniowanie elektromagnetyczne, czyli…

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Mysterious Touch Speaker – What Magic Is This?

so i have done few speaker videos here on unbox therapy Bluetooth speakers non Bluetooth speakers actually pretty much all bluetooth speakers that the thing its about bluetooth speakers these days so when this thing showed up i was like wait what are telling me drop and play wireless speaker no wires no bluetooth no…

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