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The Naked Painter Shows Off His Huge… Talent | Got Talent Global

(Clapping) hello sir hello what are you called I am Brent Rey Fraser, the naked painter! (music starts playing) (Gasping) (Laughter) (Laughs) I want to keep it!

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HILARIOUS Matt Edwards WINS Ant & Dec’s GOLDEN BUZZER! | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

by accident Okay Hello, what’s your name? My name is Matt Edwards, hi, Matt hello Where’re you from based on that I’m from traffic suffolk great. How old are you? I’m 34 thirty point. You have a day job Why? Do I look young um yeah? I I’m a magician if I do for my…

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GOLDEN BUZZER Auditions on Pilipinas Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global

This looks promising, I’m now excited. What’s your name? I am Julius “Jun” Obero. I am Rhea Marquez. Are you both from Cebu? Occidental Mindoro; Rhea is. Oh okay, far apart. See, even if your hometowns are distant from each other and you can’t walk, your talent made you meet and now you’re on one…

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TOP 7 Best Contortionists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent Global

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The Clairvoyants Auditions & Performances | America’s Got Talent 2016 Finalist

hi guys how are you very good in your neighbors . i’m tommy and I’m a lean and together we have the clairvoyance ok married not yet not yet waiting’s it is something you do full-time the two of you we did it for parents and friends bananas they really liked it yeah and so…

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Is this been like a dream of yours all your life it has it’s always been a dream to perform on the raw variety show Sure and meet the Queen in person, so she’s very nice. She’s very nice It’s very easy to chat to and when you go for dinner. She’s just very normal…

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You wouldn’t get up and do that would you… … if he’s walked to you with a samurai sword. ANT (sarcastic): Yeah, yeah! I’ll do it. DEC: You’re not gonna turn him down either, though, are you? Yeah. Good point. Me? No no no… ANT: Oh no no no… Woah!? What’s he doing? ANT: (gasp)…

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America’s Got Talent MAGICIAN SMASHES NICK CANNON’S $250,000 WATCH | Collins Key

– The last time, I kind of like, I tried to use magic to get a girlfriend. – They said central park. – Central park. – Oh my God. – Thank you so much. – [Collins] I think something went a little bit amiss in the magic last time, because I guess she had a…

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BEST Magician Auditions on America’s Got Talent 2017 | Got Talent Global

right now I want to share with you the most difficult things that I can do and to do this I would love to ask for the help of Harry and mal so now I need you right now don’t say it but think of a unique word to describe you face me put your…

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Will Tsai Master Magician Brings Dead Fish Back to Life | America’s Got Talent

Hello Hi Howie, I remember you saying this is one of the best acts you saw, right? The best close-up magic I have ever seen in my life! [slight audience cheers] No pressure, Will, but you think you can up that? I hope I can Well, you’re a really nice guy – I hope you…

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