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Amazing Magic Compilation ft/ TimTimFed! – BEST CONTENT EVER!!1! Ep04

– Hey, dudes. We’re Aunty Donna and today we’re doing a, collab with our boy Michael Shanks, aka ‘Tim Tim Fed.’ (hat turbulence) (claps) (all yell) WHHHHOOOOAAAA!!! – YES! YES YES! – Oh my god! (silence) (Door handle struggles to open) (all cheer and clap) OHHH! YAYY!! – Say dudes, anyone know where I can…

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The Magical School Canteen

(upbeat music) ♪ I love eating dim sims ♪ ♪ I love– ♪ (retching) – [Man] You lucky boy. You’ve won a competition to go, um, go– – I’ve got a golden ticket! Buh-roden. – Gahhhh! – You got the golden ticket too. – Hooray! – Shut up for a second, dump (beep). Here comes…

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