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Funny And Easy Magic Trick You Can Do Now

Don’t mind my armpit in the next 23 senconds Thank you!!

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Amazing Card Manipulation Magic from Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde!

Today I’m going to share with you some footage from years ago. A young Derek Selinger, performing on French TV his card act. And I’m going to tell you why I have never released this footage before. “Me and the Magic Man went for a long drive.” So many years ago I had just won…

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Instant Changing Card Magic Trick

Magic is here, baby :3

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5 EASY Magic Tricks but Really Awesome

CREEPY!!!! (No i’m kidding)

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5 Super Crazy Magic Tricks You Can Do

Are they crazy enough? No? Ok 😐

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4 Crazy Magic Tricks You CAN DO RIGHT THERE

Coin tricks, but those aren’t coins :v

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5 Awesome Magic Tricks And Illusion

My head is floating…Fine.

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Insane Magic Trick With Rubik’s Cube – Rubik’s Cube Magic Trick #1

How to solve a rubik’s cube Here’s how That’s how…

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The Card Trick That Amazes Magicians! (with NewGreenShoe)

“He’s actually taking his thumb off. That was actually there.” You ready? “I’m ready!” Deep breaths Serious video business. “No, there’s no laughing here.” NO, no no no. This is a… this is a Card Trick Hey guys, Steven Bridges here. Today I’m joined with my friend Owen. Hello! “Ello” How’s it going? “Very well”…

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