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Critical Role Panel @ Wizard World, Portland (Day 1)

(cheering, applause) MATT: This is a lot of people. Before we begin, just want to let you guys know a large part of this panel is a Q&A. We do have a microphone right up here in front, so if you have a question you want to ask, line up now so we can get…

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Magician Can Hypnotize You Thru YouTube – Freaky Hypnosis!

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Most Impossible Magic Trick

♫ It’s such a fun Magic Monday ♫ for you – Hey everybody and welcome to Magic Mondays. I’m here with my family. (family cheers) we get some family time because we did a show together last night and we’re doing another show in Los Angeles on April 1st at M Bar. Ticket link is…

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Free Money From Nothing! Magician Makes Money Appear from Nowhere lol – Magic Monday

♫ It’s such a fun Magic Monday ♫ For you – Hey, everybody! Welcome to Magic Monday. I’m Chris, this is Jacob, Bailey, and Parker, they’re my kids, say “Hi.” – Hi! – And today we’re gonna do a magic trick with this bag. You guys see what’s in that bag? – No. – No….

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World’s Easiest Magic Trick

♫ It’s such a fun Magic Monday ♫ For you (upbeat music) – Hey everybody, welcome to Magic Monday. Today I’m here with Rebecca Zomolo and Matt Slays. – It’s me. – And we are going to do some magic. This is actually the easiest card trick in the world. People always ask me, “What’s…

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