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Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things By Car- EXPERIMENT CAR VS MAGIC BALLS

Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things By Car EXPERIMENT CAR VS MAGIC BALLS

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what does up everybody welcome back to the channel today I’m joined by Jenna bandy the Randall twins and we also have Caleb’s somewhere today we’re doing a three-part carnival challenge it’s gonna be a lot of fun I’m going to pass it over to standing straight up guys Caleb hurt himself again last night…

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The Sticky Balloon Trick! | Physics for Kids

Want to see a really cool trick? Watch this! I’ll take this balloon… …rub it on my shirt… … gently place it on the wall…and… …ta-dah! It sticks to the wall! Thank you very much! This balloon-sticking trick might seem like magic. But it’s not at all! The balloon sticks to the wall because of…

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Static magic – Science with children – ExpeRimental #5

Oooh! Can I try that? I am using The Force! Now, this is the closest I get to doing magic. But this isn’t actually a trick, this is a demonstration of static electricity and it’s a really fun way way of getting your children interested in some really interesting phenomena. Now watch that, just an…

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Balloon Popping Trick Shots | That’s Amazing

oh goodness gonna break the car did but but not the balloon I’m going to pop a balloon using only a magnifying glass and this one here we go as every video we normally ask for likes this time it’s gonna be for a sad reason I got braces I mean this has nothing to…

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All right time to unload all these yummy groceries! Who’s that? Who did that? That’s it, I surrender! Is the coast clear yet it’s payback time take a regular soda bottle and remove the label put one elastic over the bottle take the second elastic and reduce it in size by half now place it…

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DIET COKE vs MENTOS Trick Shot Battle!

before today’s video guys make sure you watch to the very end because I’m gonna tell you about a huge giveaway I’m doing so so watch off to the very end yes what is the favor to welcome back to my channel today we are doing a little bit of a diet coke and mentos…

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Cool Trick With Balloons and Coke

Frozen on the outside liquid beverage on the inside very very refreshing hey, what’s up guys welcome back I got a very cool experiment for you today. You might remember a couple of weeks ago I was hanging out in La with my friend Logan Paul, and we tried taking flat Dr. Pepper putting in…

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How to Survive a Grenade Blast

So I’m here today in Florida filming with Kevin more commonly known as TheBackyardScientist. That’s right! And today we’re going to take these two live grenades, and we’re going to be dipping them in this tub of liquid nitrogen. So go ahead and hand them to me. And then- DUDE! BABY ALLIGATOR! 😀 oh no….

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Conventions and Conferences for Magicians, Clowns, Balloon Twisters, Face Painters, & Ventriloquists

Do you want to put your family show performer career in high gear? Going to Conventions and Conferences is the quickest way. We are going to talk about that right now. The quickest way to put your career into high gear is attending a convention or a conference. You’ll learn new skills, see what is…

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