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Barbie Magic | Baby Girl | Doll Fun | Vlog Ariana

for you it’s so fun like granny’s gotta have lots of strange stories about that what kind of stories they leave The Magicians times it comes all funny – I have to go Barbie see you later bye bye today is my turn to our Kim the floor if mad Barbie will get angry with…

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Magic Color Transformation Barbie Trick #ad | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC TRICKMAS

– [Akira] This episode is a paid advertisement for Mattel. – Mm, mm, mm. – Walker, are you okay? Well, I guess Nutty got to you. Did you get a piece of the reindeer wand? Oh no, Did Nutty put a curse on you to stop speaking? Did Nutty get a piece of the reindeer…

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Ask Barbie About Magic! | Barbie

– [Barbie] Hi, welcome to “Ask Barbie”, where you ask and I answer. Today’s theme is magic. Our first comment is from Ramesh Kl who says, “Try new things and experiments”. That sounds like a great idea, let’s do it. (audience cheers) Welcome to the Barbie Magic Show. I think I know what I’m doing….

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The Magic Seeds of Sweetville | Dreamtopia LIVE | Barbie

[theme music] Dreamtopia, it’s just a dream away with a cherry on top. Hi Chelsea, hi honey. Wow, what’s going on, Barbie? You’re just in time, Chels. Welcome to the busiest day in Sweetville. Everyone’s planting vegetables to enter in the Sweetville Country Fair today. Today? Doesn’t it take a long time for vegetables to,…

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10 *MOST TALENTED KIDS* Auditions Ever on America’s Got Talent!

hi barbie hi ken (you wanna go for a ride) sure ken im a barbie girl in a barbie world your fantastic its fantastic come on barbie lets go barbie ima barbie girl in the barbie world your im fantastic your fantastic cross your fingers legs toes and nose oh my gosh(howie) do not try…

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Barbie Unicorn Goddess saves Skipper and Baby from a Tiger! | Barbie Story Box | Barbie

(lively pop music) – [Narrator] This is a Barbie Production. ♪ Oh, oh oh ♪ – This online quiz says my spirit animal is a deer. – Oh lucky! – What’s yours? – A unicorn. – Whoa! (girl in white giggles) I think it’s time for my spirit animal to meet your spirit animal. –…

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Magic of Barbie® Color Stylin’® Princess Doll Demo | Dreamtopia | Barbie

Hi, I’m Kaylee. I just got this new Barbie Color Stylin’ Princess. She’s super cool. She’s from Barbie Dreamtopia. She has three different looks, and I’m going to show them all to you. This princess is very pretty, because she has butterflies on her dress with pink flowers. I also like the necklace, because it’s…

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