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Frameless Shower Door Install – Knee-Wall / Buttress / Tub Deck Configuration | Illusion by Coastal

A paradigm shift in innovation and value, Coastal’s Illusion series shower enclosure is a true “Value-Creator” for both pro’s and diy’ers alike. Coastal’s Illusion series not only offers the luxuries of heavy all-glass shower enclosures, it also provides the installer with a substantial amount of in-the-field adjustability which dramatically reduces installation time and difficulty. Right…

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7 FUNNY DIY PRANKS AND TRICKS || Awesome Pranks For Friends by 123GO!

Needy co-workers and got you down? Why not treat them to some innocent yet hilarious tricks and pranks? And we’ve got even more hilarious pranks comin’ your way! I took the liberty of making you this refreshing drink on this hot spring day. Aw, that’s sweet! And it’s cran-apple, your favorite. Wanna know how this…

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7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom

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Frameless Shower Door Install – Inline Panel / Configuration | Illusion by Coastal

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