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My name is not Maryam today, my name is Chanel, hey guys welcome to my channel I am super excited to be reviewing Charlotte Tilbury’s latest collection, Eye Color Magic for different eye colors. I have the collection that’s meant for brown eyes and it is in a popping shade of blue so I am…

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EASY YET GENIUS BEAUTY HACKS || Useful Makeup Tricks And DIYs By 123 GO! GOLD

Hey looking good ladie!s You’ve mastered the art of the selfie angle for sure! Hey my lips look so dull next to your gorgeous pout! So not fair see Bella’s pout looks plump and gorgeous and I just look sad yep there it is again what can I say I have nice lips genetics I…

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TALL FASHION TIPS, TRICKS & RESOURCES! Watch for tall fashion information! | Lucy Lovin’ Life

Tall fashion tips, trick and resources. L’BRI Lucy Tall Beauty. Tall clothing. style tips for tall girls. tall girl problems. how to dress for tall girls. fashion tips for tall girls. to share with you some tips tricks and resources or action if you’re a tall woman or if you know what all women if…

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Smart Beauty Hacks ! 12 MakeUp Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Emma sure is taking her time. Well, no problem! Just three more minutes! Let’s double-check our look! Oof… Those lips sure ain’t poppin’… Where is that lipstick when you need it? Oh, right! We always have one in our purse! Or… not. I guess we left it next to the vanity. Oh, wait! What’s this?…

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Trick For Adding Volume With Hair Dryer | Celeb Hairstylist Harry Josh

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Welcome, dear viewers to my YouTube channel Today we have an unusual video. It’s unplanned . Recently, I posted a video for my TikTok “how to quickly paint your nails?” I want to offer this video to you today To do this, we need: tomato juice. This is not advertising. Produced by painting the nails…

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Special Effect Makeup Transformations – Magic Makeup 2019

Hello everyone, Thanks for watching!

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Makeup Hacks Compilation | Beauty Tricks For Every Girl 2020 #14

Makeup Hacks

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Makeup Hacks Compilation | Beauty Tricks For Every Girl 2020 #20

makeup hacks compilation

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From Bad Luck to Beauty / 8 Beauty Tricks In 15 Minutes

The party’s starting in 15 minutes but you’re still not ready to go? No big deal! Because your friends are always there to help you go from an ugly duckling to a star real quick! Watch the video to find the fastest beauty hacks! Learn how to go from ugly to pretty in just 15…

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