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Magical Doll – जादुई गुड़िया – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

Jadui Gudiya (The magical doll) There was a girl named Riya. Her mom went out to work as a tailor.. ..to meet the family’s expenses and raise Riya. – (Machine whirring) Riya wanted to go out with her mom and help her. May I come with you to help you? My child, you should concentrate…

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ساحر اوز 🧙‍♀️🧔 ( The Wizard of Oz ) قصص اطفال KONDOSAN قصة رسوم متحركة فيلم كرتون

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Fairy And The Magical Throne- ফাইরি এবং মাজিকেল থ্রোনে -Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Bengali

What is it? What’s wrong? I asked a question. Can’t you hear me? Brother, I can’t even stand today. I have body pain. I have had fever since last night. – That’s enough. Stop making excuses. Go bring four sacks of soil. I swear, brother. I can’t do it today. I feel quite weak. I…

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Magical Dragon | Stories For Kids | Cartoon for kids | Bedtime Moral Stories | Fairy Tales

Coloring Art Tables Once upon a time there was a kingdom. The king was happy that the prince was born. A cute princess was born at the same time in a neighboring country. The kings of the two countries were friends with each other. So they often had family gathering. During the family gathering, the…

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The Lizard Wizard (Sillywood Tales) – An animated children’s story book

The wizard lizard there was once a bearded lizard who wanted to be a wizard he traveled far to meet famous magicians to learn their secrets was his mission Oh Hootdini the greatest in history please reveal your deepest mystery the great The great Hootdini look down shaking his head with a frown. hocus pocus…

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Hansel 👦🏻 and 👧🏻 Gretel | Bedtime Stories (HD) | Story for Kids | + Moral Stories & Fairy Tales

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The Wizard of Oz 🧙‍♂️ KONDOSAN Fairy Tales in English Episode 28 | Cartoon Animation Kids

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Dorothy who lived with her Uncle Henry and Auntie Em in Kansas. Their house was very small. They lived together in a cottage in the country side. Dorothy loved to run and play in the fields with her dog Koko. One day, as she was playing…

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जादुई चक्की – Magical Grinder – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

‘Magical Grinder’ Once upon a time there lived two brothers in a village. Vikram and Raghav. Elder brother Vikram was rich. The younger brother Raghav toiled very hard… …but he couldn’t fulfill the needs of his family. He was disturbed because of poverty. Vikram didn’t give Raghav the share of his father’s property. He never…

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ஓநாயும் ஏழு ஆட்டுக்குட்டிகளும் [A Wolf and the Seven Lambs] | Bedtime Stories | Animal Stories

A Wolf and the Seven Lambs Once there lived a goat along with her seven kids near a forest. She loved her kids very much. One day while the goat was going to collect food for her kids, she said to them, “Kids! I am going to the forest to bring food. You should not…

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Kids Sleep Meditation | THE WIZARD’S MAZE | Bedtime Stories for Children

hi and welcome back to happy mines for your guided sleep meditation into the enchanted wizard’s maze on this bedtime sleep story adventure my voice will guide you on a safe and magical journey to the misty snow-capped mountains of positive energy and the most amazing hedge maze you have been chosen by wise beard…

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