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Award Ceremony – Saboteur & Wizard World Championships 2019

So we’re starting with Wizard. On 4th rank we have from Hungary: Gabor S. so you’re qualified for the World Championship next year. On 3rd rank, first time competing Mexico: Marina N. Congratulations! Your trophy! And you got a silver prize as well Our vice world champion, the ex world champion from Greece: Vasileos P….

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How to make crispy crunchy falafel- brown chickpeas magic (2019)|#foodnvoyage #brownchickpeasfalafel

Hello Food-N-Voyage Subscribers Today I am going to show you how to make a tasty snack using brown chickpeas You can have this as a starter too This is a very healthy snack and very very easy to make Just one thing you have to do is plan beforehand and soak brown chickpeas for 7-8…

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Penn Jillette on Atheism and Islamaphobia

About three years ago I came in to Big Think and I talked very strongly and very passionately about atheism, how I did not believe in God. And over the past three years I opened my heart to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit filled me. And all of a sudden…

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World Cup Magic Tricks – How Zach King would Win the FIFA World Cup

Is it called soccer or is it called football where you’re from? I have no idea because in America this is a football. Comment down below which is the correct way of saying it. Football or soccer? And let me know what you think. fYI I’m gonna call it soccer in this video so don’t…

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