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Amazing Triads Trick | Suddenly Play Chords All Over The Fretboard! (Guitar Lesson)

What’s up YouTube community, Bernth here – welcome back to another video lesson this time we’ll take a short break from all the shredding… and will take some time to master and understand the most important skill concerning chords and arpeggios! So today we’ll learn all the major triads across the neck and I will…

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Play Better Licks In 5 Minutes – My Favorite Trick!

What’s up YouTube community Bernth here! Welcome back to another quick tutorial video – today I want to show you one basic but very important trick that will immediately improve your phrasing and creative lick writing – this trick is often used in jazz, fusion and many other styles of music but I don’t really…

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Pentatonic + Modes = Magic! How To Combine Lydian & The Pentatonic Scale

What’s up YouTube community Bernth here, welcome back to another video lesson! This is part one of a little scale feature where we check out what happens when we combine the pentatonic approach with the sound of the modes – this week we focus on the major pentatonic scale and the Lydian mode. Make sure…

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