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Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers | Overtime 8 | Dude Perfect

it’s a banger woow get in intro music tall guy beard twin purple hoser dude perfect in overtime tall guy beard twin purple hoser now our heading on to overtime we have a great show for you guys today to brand new segment two segment yo know in lover first lets get ’em the giveaway…

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Halle Berry Gets a ‘Magic’ Surprise from Co-Star Channing Tatum

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Guild Wars 2: Winterberry and Unbound Magic farming

Hello, I’m Sutgon and this is a guide on Winterberry and/or Unbound Magic farming. In case you’re not familiar with them: Berries are used as a currency to buy certain map-specific stat-selectable ascended equipment or minis or used in foods or they are converted to Unbound Magic via consuming. Unbound Magic is used to buy…

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