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You Can’t See This (MIND TRICKS)

Your eyes help you see the world. But you can’t see this dot No, seriously! If you close your left eye, stare at this cross here with your right eye and slowly move your head towards or away from the screen, the dot will disappear. Revealing the exact location of your blind spot. The cells…

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Farrell Dillon Of ‘Masters Of Illusion’ Does Amazing Tricks Live | TODAY

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Optical Illusions That Will Melt Your Mind

You could take psychedelic drugs to hallucinate, but most of them are illegal. So possibly the easiest way you could experience something similar is exploding a few optical illusions. I found 10 optical illusions that demonstrate this effect the best, and they’re ranked from worst to best according to how well I thought they worked….

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Experience NATURAL HALLUCINOGENIC Effects: 9-Stage MUSIC-SYNCED Rainbow Optical Illusion

However, these effects should be temporary.

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Hey what’s going on guys, LogDotZip here. Are you ready to have your minds melted? Scary Stuff I’m Telling you. Well Don’t be Afraid it’s only an Illusion a world of illusions (Poof SFX) By Big Ray Maker of the Dropper Maker of um uh World of Illusion Maker of Video settings Render Distance far…

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Will This Trick Your Brain? (Color TEST)

Humans can discern between 2.3 million colors – but try staring at this picture of us bursting through the periodic table and focus on the green dot as we invert the colors. Don’t stop staring there until I say the light is traveling as a wave to your eye, and the frequency of these wavelengths…

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Best Incredible Optical illusion Halloween Costume | Bigoted

Top #25 Optical illusions of Halloween Costume #1 Taking out the trash #2 Tiny Fisherman #3 Jetpack Man #4 Gorilla carrying a kid #5 Man carry a toilet #6 Aquarium Swimmer #7 Rollercoaster #8 Head on a platter #9 Headless Scientist #10 Headless Butler #11 Hans Man #12 Labor and delivery #13 Invisible Man #14…

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Is this been like a dream of yours all your life it has it’s always been a dream to perform on the raw variety show Sure and meet the Queen in person, so she’s very nice. She’s very nice It’s very easy to chat to and when you go for dinner. She’s just very normal…

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Incredible Contact Ring Juggling – Magic Rings Illusion at Thailand’s Got Talent 2014

Incredible Contact Ring Juggling – Magic Rings Illusion at Thailand’s Got Talent 2014

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OMG! Best Of Magic on Britain’s Got Talent 2019 | Magicians Got Talent

You see that Welcome what’s your name, please Elizabeth Elizabeth Just Elizabeth why have you come on Britain’s Got Talent Because I want to show you something special and try and make the impossible possible Well, the stage is yours Elizabeth Theatres of London’s West End. It’s said to be haunted by many ghosts In…

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