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Magic Tutorial – BLIND

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Out of the Blue by James Anthony – A Real Magic Review

Hello and welcome to Real Magic Review. My name is Steve Faulkner – thank you for joining me on this endless quest to find magic tricks that we will actually learn and use to entertain other people with rather than just sit at home and bore the hell out of members of our own family…

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How to make travel matches – match life hacks Electric matches – magic trick


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How To Make A Hole Disappear Magic Trick

I’m glad you came and even turn on the subtitles for this video=)) Anyways!! Enjoy.

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Top 10 Magic Trick Decks | Interview With Magician Nathan Kranzo

Hello everybody today I am joined by the extremely talented Nathan Kranz Oh Nathan Kranz Oh has wore many hats at penguin magic he has released several products. He has lectured several times and He has hosted a few of our penguin live lectures he is the brains behind penguin magic monthly and One of…

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Magic Tutorial – The best Torn and Restored Card Trick EVER – RIP

(dramatic music) – [Daniel Madison] The nine of clubs is torn into four pieces. Those four pieces are placed directly into the the participant’s hand. Before the participant has even covered those pieces, the playing card is completely restored. I am Daniel Madison. This is RIP. (dramatic music) Yes I can repeat myself. I would…

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Easy Magic Trick That You Can Do – Rubik’s Cube Magic Tricks #5

Rubik is magic!!!

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Unbelievable Magic Trick That You Can Do

Welcome!! Hope you enjoy!! Ok, to do this trick, you are going to need Two cards A scissor Two-faced tape ANDDD… A computer screen Alright!! Here we go.

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My Favorite Magician – Magic Tricks with Ian

I have been blessed in my career to have some people appreciate what I do on stage and follow me. I’ve been doing this for a long time. Those people we in the entertainment industry affectionately call fans, and to all of my fans throughout the years I want you to know how much I…

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Magic Tutorial – DELUSION Card Switch

(menacing music) (speaking in reverse) – I am Daniel Madison, and this is Delusion. (distorted voices echoing) (screen glitches) (chill music) (heavy trap music) I am Daniel Madison and this is Delusion. You take the nine of clubs, you show the nine of clubs before placing it facedown on your open hand. Then when you…

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