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SPEAKS Playing Cards and The ITH Blackout Shift

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Creative Exposure ( and a trick with magnets )

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10 Best Magic Tricks Revealed By Magicians Like David Blaine

best magic tricks revealed by magicians like David Blaine if you love everything about magic and are always impressing your friends with cool coin tricks card tricks and magic tricks you’ve come to the right place this video will show you some cool tips and tricks to figure out how the biggest magic tricks are…

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Magic Tutorial – Card To Box

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5 Levitations Anyone Can Do – Learn Easy Magic Tricks to Levitate Cards, Pens and More

If you want to levitate objects, you’ve come to the right place. Hello everyone. In this video I’m going to teach you how to levitate objects and all of the tricks only require items that you should have around the house. We’re going to first show you the tricks and then we’ll show you how…

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10 Greatest Magicians of All Time

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How to Solve a Rubik with Two Moves – Rubik’s Cube Magic Tricks #4

Two Moves!!! That’s very funny to trick your friends (Not the smart-ass ones)

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Easy Magic Tricks With Paper Anyone Can Do – Paper Magic Tricks – Sawing in Half & More

If you want to learn to perform magic with paper, you’ve come to the right place. Hello everyone. In this video we’re going to teach you several magic tricks that only rely on paper. We’re going to show you the tricks first and then we’ll show you how to make them and perform them. Two…

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California GIRLS react to MAGIC – Magic of Y on Streets

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Interview – Marcus Majart – A Real Life Magician

ha right you up alright ready so we have to to start in English yeah we have to speak in English yeah we’re gonna do as if we’re in Hollywood not in Japanese hi and welcome to the David Neyts show today we have a very special guest his name is Marcus Majart and he…

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