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Magical Mom Learns a Magic Trick… and It Works!

For Christmas I taught my mom a magic trick and she became a magician proved by this… I’m a magician! Check it out after this. “Me and the magic man went for a long drive.” Magic with Mom…Yeah! I could have used that paper again. Stop magic…stop light Amazing and easy to learn Open up…

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Performing Close Up Magic Surrounded By 10,000! Magic: Impossible!

Oh look, a message… Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to perform close-up magic for 20,000 eyeballs completely surrounded and to get a reaction like this… This message will self-destruct And I need your help Subscribe to the channel, and like this video, let’s go! “Me and the Magic Man went for…

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The most amazing card trick ever!!! By Javi Benitez on Fools Penn & Teller

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Learn Magic Tricks: Twisting Arm Illusion (REVEALED)

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Amazing Magic Live Illusion Surrounded by 18,000 People!

All magicians live for the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. I had the opportunity to perform surrounded by 18,000 people. I’m gonna show you the footage today. “Me and the Magic Man went for a long drive.” It’s a great day to be alive, welcome to Magic Inspired. My name is…

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VIDCON MAGIC w/ O2L, Rebecca Black, Boy Band Project, Andrea Russett

What’s up, everyone! It’s Collins Key! And welcome to Magic Mondays! Now remember the point of magic Mondays’ is to take your ideas and turn them into actual videos Now Mona key said do magic at vid on that would be awesome a lot of explanation points after wards Alex Bradsher said you so need…

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Magician Tristan on Mairi Sinatsaki’s TV show “Mairi Me”!

But when I reached there… there was in front of me… the great Magician Tristan. He stared at me and I stared at him… and I told him… “Where are you going, kid…? Are you kidding me? I’ll prove to you that I am the best magician ever.” The best female magician… right? Or the…

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Magic for Dogs (They’re Too Smart!)

Here at Magic Inspired we’ve got a special holiday treat for you. We’re gonna perform magic for three different dogs…Buster the dog, Ruby the dog, and Maggie the dog. And we’re gonna make a treat disappear from my hands, disappear, and after it disappears, it’s going to reappear in their masters hands, and we’re going…

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How to Make Paper Magic Box || Magic Tricks For Kids and Your Friends .

DIY Magic Box. How to Make a Magic Box With Paper. How to Make Paper Magic Box. Magic Tricks For Kids and Your Friends. Show like Zack King funny magic vines. I think its the best magic trick ever for kids Show this easy magic tricks to your friends at school to surprise them. Make…

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Incredible Lego illusions by Zach King

What’s up everybody, I’ve got some LEGO illusions today that I’m really excited to show you I’ve been… Guys we are rolling. Sorry. These LEGO illusions are fantastic so I’ve got a bunch of…. Guys we’re rolling. Jadon, Seriously? That’s the studio for you. Me and Clark here at the studio took about a day…

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