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Is this been like a dream of yours all your life it has it’s always been a dream to perform on the raw variety show Sure and meet the Queen in person, so she’s very nice. She’s very nice It’s very easy to chat to and when you go for dinner. She’s just very normal…

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Adorable PUPPY MAGIC Performance On Britain’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

Ladies and gentlemen, the last time you met Finn he read Simon’s mind tonight. We’re going to attempt something even more impossible Finn is going to try and put his thoughts into the judges own minds using the power of thought transference You start with you David. Look at Finn. What time do you think…

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TOP 5 KID MAGICIANS on Got Talent | Got Talent Global

How are you doing good and who are you – I am Kayden Bart rocket? And I’m Brooklyn Nicole rocket, and how old are you I am 10 years old, and I’m eight They have the same last name so you’re obviously a couple She’s my sister, so what will the – have you been…

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