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The Best Top 10 SHOCKING MAGICIANS Of All Time | AGT & BGT

How’s he doing this? what? Shut up man! wonderful Woah Hello Hello I’m Christian Lee .. (Judge) where are you from Christian? I am from London Do you have a day job? I do have a day job it’s a magician Christian are you married? I am engaged To who? uh to uh someone who’s…

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There’s not time to make a change just Relax, take it easy You’re still young that you fault. There’s so much. You have to know find the girl settle down If you want you command get me But I’m happy Oh I was once like you It’s not easy to become when you pass something…

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Richard Jones Britain’s Got Talent WINNER | ALL Performances

it’s been like a dream of yours all your life it has just always been a dream to perform on the raw variety show sure and meet the Queen in person so she’s very nice she’s very nice very easy to chat to and when you go with dinner she’s just very normal and down…

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Celebrating THE BEST DOG AUDITIONS & TRICKS EVER On Got Talent From Around The World

hey you can say you good evening you speak English it’s my knife come on hey say something know what why not it’s fantastic come on it’s a present see dirge yes no no listen in English see Spanish wait let’s not say okay hey Wendy listen to me you think I am stupid yes…

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Sophie Fatu: The CUTEST 5-Year-Old Audition Ever! | America’s Got Talent 2018

Heidi: Hi! Tyra: So so cute! Heidi: Hi there! Sophie: Hi! Heidi: Oh hi! (crowd awing) Howie: Oh my god! Heidi: Will you tell us your name? Sophie: I’m Sophie Fatu Heidi: Sophie, tell me how old are you? Sophie: Five Heidi: And where do you come from? Sophie: I live in Charles Town West…

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BGT Magician Matt Stirling reviews a Mutt Fat Sabbath

Hello and welcome to The Biking Actor and today’s honest review on the Mutt 125 Fat Sabbath. Now for today’s review we’re going to do things a little bit differently because international renowned stunt performer Matthew Stirling, who I interviewed at the MCN bike show, if you’ve not seen it click on the link, he…

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ALL 5 GOLDEN BUZZER Britain’s Got Talent 2018

Hello! who are you, my love? Umm. I’m Gruffydd Wyn Roberts. And I’m Usher. Umm Umm. I’m 22 and I live in a small island called Anglesey in North Wales with with My mum Oh, Fantastic! What is your grads name? my mum calls anglesey. That’s a great name! (al wanna!) and why don’t you…

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The First Golden Buzzer Britain’s Got Talent 2018 | Magic & Emotion Make You Cry

Hi, what’s your name, and where are you from my name is Mark? I’m from North London brilliant How do you I’m 46 who’ve you brought with you today my wife, she is somewhere in the audience Brilliant there. She is my daughter is here, but she’s only 2 years old so she’s Watching Peppa…

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Never Seen Before: The HILARIOUSLY BAD Comedian (Britain’s Got Talent/America’s Got Talent PARODY)

I’m ugly short and weird hello what’s your name Lukas DiSparrow where you’re from I come from a country I mean from a country in Europe like in Eastern Europe it’s not really Eastern Europe, it’s like it’s a small country in the middle of Europe it’s like a central Europe but it’s not like,…

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Close up magician, magic circle magicians from nicpicot.co.uk

great acts

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