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Cigarrete magic mario lopez

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BEST EVER Dance Crews on Britain’s Got Talent

Hello Hello, who are you? We’re old men grooving. Okay, let’s you have jobs. Oh, yes, we do I’m an IT manager I’m a teacher And I do some part-time teaching as well Do you think that this is something that the queen or the royal family would like yeah? We think they’re gonna love…

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REVEALED – Rob Lake: Magician – All details

In this presentation we will see the brilliant performance of the talented Rob Lake There is a kind of x-ray machine on the platform We see nothing there just the image of a skeleton But this machine is really fabulous. She makes people appear in a touch of magic. You might be wondering where did…

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Simon Pierro Magic Tricks Revealed in Hindi/Urdu

Simon Pierro Magic Tricks Revealed in Hindi/Urdu dosto Simon Pierro ak boht he kamal k magician he Simon Pierro Magic Tricks pore dunia me pasand ky jaty he.ku Simon Pierro k magic hoty he itny kamal he or Simon Pierro nay kafe shows me be ya magic perform ky he un k famous magics me…

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Top 5 SHOCKING MAGICIAN America and Britain’s Got Talent 2016

Hello (Laughter) Hello Where are you from Christian ? Im from London. Do you have a day job ? I do have a day job, its uhh magician Christian Are you Married ? I am engaged To whom? To someone’s who’s gonna be my wife i love that ha ha yes here we go. time…

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The Best Top 10 SHOCKING MAGICIANS Of All Time | AGT & BGT

How’s he doing this? what? Shut up man! wonderful Woah Hello Hello I’m Christian Lee .. (Judge) where are you from Christian? I am from London Do you have a day job? I do have a day job it’s a magician Christian are you married? I am engaged To who? uh to uh someone who’s…

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Bars and Melody BRAINWASHED by Magic – BaM IN SHOCK

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Magic you can do at a moments notice! || Not This. This! by David Regal

I’m david regal and I can’t tell you how many times my magical life has been saved with not this They walked into an office they say that’s mr. Anderson show them some magic I know what you’re thinking I left my deck at home. Well, if my thumb tip at home while all bosses…

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Celebrating THE BEST DOG AUDITIONS & TRICKS EVER On Got Talent From Around The World

hey you can say you good evening you speak English it’s my knife come on hey say something know what why not it’s fantastic come on it’s a present see dirge yes no no listen in English see Spanish wait let’s not say okay hey Wendy listen to me you think I am stupid yes…

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Oops! Acts Go WRONG on Got Talent | Got Talent Global

It’s a, swell Time of year Ryan and and [Erland] are Just Thrilled to be Heading out on Vacation We prepared Two Brand-New Extremely Dangerous Never-Before-Seen Stunts but before, We do the big dangerous [Stunts], we’re Gonna warm up Ladies and gentlemen This is Sword Swallowing With A twist Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows Everything That’s…

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