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Smart Beauty Hacks ! 12 MakeUp Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Emma sure is taking her time. Well, no problem! Just three more minutes! Let’s double-check our look! Oof… Those lips sure ain’t poppin’… Where is that lipstick when you need it? Oh, right! We always have one in our purse! Or… not. I guess we left it next to the vanity. Oh, wait! What’s this?…

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Beauty Hacks! 12 Effective DIY Girly Hacks Smart MakeUp Tricks

Mmm sushi! Who doesn’t love this Japanese delicacy? Absolutely delicious, isn’t it Emily? All that tasty eating can get you sleepy and tired. And still you need to get ready for the cinema. Just a little nose powdering. Ooooh, look at those lips! Yikes! So much dry skin you could almost shed it like a…

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