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COMO JOGAR MAGIC THE GATHERING – Entendendo os turnos, terrenos, mágicas e combate no MTG – Ep.2

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Might and Magic Clash Of Heroes – Necro Advanced Strategy – iOs [UK]

Hello heroes, I’m Irina, your Community Developer! Are you ready for the second part of awesome Clash of Heroes advanced tactics video? These tips will help you to crash your enemies in the multiplayer mode. Today we are going to focus on the Necro faction strategy richness. To start, you need to get in the…

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The ring of fire – amazing magic trick

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Por que Magic: The Gathering é o melhor jogo? Uma mensagem de Rich Hagon!

The ProTour of Devastation Hour took place in Kyoto at the last weekend And if you could not keep up with the tournament, you missed what was one of the best Top 8 of recent times And this is not just my opinion, but that of several people that I found on the internet What…

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Day [9] vs. Alan Tudyk, Felicia Day, and Ryon Day in Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers

(Theme music) – Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to Spellslingers. My name is Sean Plott and today I am bringing to you an extra special version of how to play Magic. It’s Two-Headed Giant. Which means I, with a teammate, will be playing another enemy pair. If you don’t know the rules, don’t…

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The Flying Ring magic trick

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MTG – Top 5 Best Modern Cards from Hour of Devastation for Magic: The Gathering

Oh! Hello, the hour is upon us Will the revelation be that this new Magic set is nothing but devastation? Allow me to enlighten you with the top five cards from hour of Devastation for modern and guess what it’s a five way tie! That’s right! I can’t decide which of these five cards is…

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Tolarian Tutor: Mana Curve and Land Bases – A Magic: The Gathering Study Guide

so you’re prepping for Friday night magic going over your deck with your friends you look at the ratio of lands to spells and one friend says you clearly need to take out those scry lands I mean look at your curve you’re too aggressive for them well another friend argues no you need to…

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Relatable MTG Player Gets Schooled! Magic: The Gathering Prank gone EDUCATIONAL!

Hey, Stop right there! We’re not going to have another boring lecture from the prof today. Who listens to those anyways? Studies show not young adults. No, we need to listen to someone young and hip. Someone you can relate to. And that’s me. My name’s Kid Young. *Radical 90’s era music playing* I’m just…

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Magic spielen lernen – Basics Grundregeln – Das Magic: The Gathering Tutorial auf deutsch

Wie spielt man eigentlich “Magic: the Gathering”? “Magic: the Gathering” – oder kurz “MtG” – ist ein Strategie- und Sammelkartenspiel von ‘Wizards of the Coast’, welches quasi überall auf der Welt seit über 23 Jahren von einer ständig wachsenden Spieler-Community gespielt und in vielen Foren thematisiert wird. Auch heute noch kommen in regelmäßigen Abständen neue…

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