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OMG!!! Incredible Street Magic Card Trick Blows Rapper Away!

>>You don’t want to see a good magic trick. You wanna see a great magic trick that gets reactions like this.>>Bro, bro, what? >>Is it the piece?>>Yeah!>>My name is Jibrizy, the Hip-Hop Illusionist, and welcome to one of the best street magic channels here on YouTube. Now we all can agree street magic looks so…

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INSANE Mind Reading Trick With Playing Cards! – Magic Tutorial

– So, this is awesome. We have made it to the warehouse here in Texas. It’s 250,000 square feet here. So we’re going to do a quick tour, see where my playing cards are. And then we’re going to go sign some decks and keep packing orders, so everybody can get their orders. (upbeat adventure…

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Invisible Thread Reel – ITR // magic trick // tutorial

Hello dear friends! If you like my videos, be sure to subscribe to my channel and like this video. Today we will consider the wonderful props that I purchased for aliexpress called ITR invisible thread reel so what link in the description below the video this is the best seller on aliexpress In the meantime,…

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Instant Changing Card Magic Trick

Magic is here, baby :3

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WOW!!! Magician does greatest card magic trick ever

>>What’s up guys? Welcome to immortal, YouTube’s best free magic show. I’m Jibrizy, the king of ill, aka the Hip Hop Illusionist and I wanna go ahead and take you on a tour through my city Chicago. ♫ Blueprint to a real man ♫ Some of these niggas toss they tassel for a deal man…

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Amazing Card Magic Trick that Will Blow Your Mind

“We are the music makers… …and we are the dreamers of the dreams.” What is love for an idea… but passion? Love for a dream A vision For the lack of understanding by many… You’ll be a madman Mad for a rough idea, mad for love Mad for a dream. Nonsense madness. Nonsense dream Nonsense…

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SEARCH & DESTROY RAPTOR STYLE | visual card trick, magic trick performance

Hey there long time no see, what´s up? You know, I´m working on some really crazy card magic, right now. What do you think? Do you wanna see a crazy card trick? Well than, let there be magic! So this is the story about a guy, who get´s into quite somer trouble, because he manages…

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