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The amazing pen magic trick

Oh I you you

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Exploding bubbles turn to balls magic trick

hey I’m you you you

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My Go-To card magic trick – Hot Shot sandwich Tutorial

– Alright folks, so normally I do this big B roll entrance, this whole cinematic whatever, but honestly, this is a trick that I use a lot and it’s just a go to, you don’t need any set up really. You just grab two cards that look alike, and this is what it looks like….

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Learn The BEST Card Fan Control : MAGIC TUTORIAL (EASY)

– Yo, yo, yo guys, what’s going on, Alex Pandrea here, back with another video. In today’s video we are talking about one of the first card controls that I ever learned, from one of the first magic books that I ever bought, if not probably the first magic book that I bought. It was…

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HOW TO SHUFFLE CARDS – Overhand Shuffle – Card Magic Tutorial

what’s going on everyone welcome back to this video and right away I know what you’re thinking overhang example tutorial video why on earth should i watch this video I can do it that’s how you know you can’t so stick to the end of this video because that’s something to say before we start…

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(Alex claps) – Yo, yo, yo, guys, what is going on? Alex Pandrea here, back with another video. In today’s video, what are we going to be learning? Well, I’m gonna teach you a one-hand cut. It’s called the triple one-hand cut. (upbeat electronic music) You do the cut with one hand. Then you cut…

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Pick Up Magic Trick + Explanation – How to amaze girls in the bar with magic ►SteveCarlin.TV

50 euro. That’s nice dude. Is the money inside yours aswell? No nothing, because you are the magician and I am not. I going to show you a magic trick. With some beer mats. Pick one please. Have a look if it’s normal. Here i got another one. Have a look. Can you please do…

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Magic Trick – The Simple Tenkai Card Steal

What are you doing down here have you been dancing too Charlie? You know this new master class that I’ve just released the tenkai master class I think it’s only fair – now my youtube channel I teach and demonstrate the tenkai palm the that i do it That’s what I’m gonna do in this…

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FREE TRICK with NOC playing cards – magic tutorial

– What’s going on, everybody? My name is Alex Pandrea and I want to welcome you to this video. This video will cover the NOC playing cards, the marking system behind them, and tricks and routines that you can do right away with your NOC cards. Now, if you’re not already with the NOC brand,…

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Invisible Thread Reel – ITR // magic trick // tutorial

Hello dear friends! If you like my videos, be sure to subscribe to my channel and like this video. Today we will consider the wonderful props that I purchased for aliexpress called ITR invisible thread reel so what link in the description below the video this is the best seller on aliexpress In the meantime,…

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