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Insanely Easy Card Trick- Trick Friends Even When You’re DRUNK!

This week on Scam School, a card trick that will fool yourself and your drunken friends. Leave me alone. I’m in hiding. [MUSIC PLAYING] This episode featuring zero disintegrations brought you by Carbonite. I am here to do two things– drink beer and perform card tricks. And I’m all out of beer. Welcome to Scam…

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Welcome To MagicTricks.com Says Owner Peter Monticup

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DEALT – Official Trailer [HD]

A mechanic is somebody who can fix something. An auto mechanic fixes a car, a body mechanic is a professional killer. I’m a card mechanic I can fix a card game. Ace of cards Richard Turner. He can do things with cards no one else can do. He’s a trickster! He’s demonstrating the moves used…

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Ultimate Prediction – Android Magic Trick App 2014

This card trick uses an ordinary deck of cards I’m going to split these cards into roughly 2 even piles and ask the spectator to choose one of these piles so if they choose this pile the magician takes the remaining pile and gives them a quick shuffle and asks the spectator to do the…

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Magician Reacts To CRAZY Trick on Jimmy Fallon

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Make a “Card Trick” Quilt with Jenny!

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the MSQC. And I have a really fun project for you today. I’m really excited to show you this because people have been asking me for a long time, is there an easy way to do the Card Trick block? This is an old fashioned block called the Card Trick…

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Magic Trick Tutorial : Mental Colors

hello guys any any idea of what I’m having in my hand guessing that you saw it from the shadows it is aaaaa color pencils and now keep in mind this works much better with the you know oil-based and all the crayons well now let’s get into the performance okay guys this is an…

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Magic Trick Tutorial : Thru Match

guys I’m going to teach you a magic trick with these matches let’s get into the performance okay guys it’s two matches and watch what happens of course it cannot go in like this it cannot right it cannot watch just like that it went right through it without breaking right and it can come…

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Magic Trick Tutorial : Elastica Carpals(Bending Finger)

hello guys here is a really cool effect and I can assure you it wont fshsh fool people (heh) but it will amaze them well let’s see how it looks so how was it well in my opinion it’s pretty good well now let’s look how it’s done ok you of course need one card…

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Magic Trick Tutorial : Pendrive Vanish

guys welcome back and if you’re new hi well watch today I’m going to show you magic with this pen drive and I want to teach it to you the magic trick how it’s done now let’s see the performance so guys you need a pen drive not necessarily a pen drive anything that is…

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