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MAGIC Card Tricks – Optical Illusions by McKay

hi everybody welcome to Johnson Party six so today I’m going to be doing magic card tricks by McKay as for each trick I want to do I will be showing you guys how to do it or other people let’s begin this is the first trick trick I will be tying a tie around…

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Card Tricks | Twisting The Aces | Strong Magic Tip Revealed

Hi everyone welcome back to cart able to witness it these cars from my last that way a repeal bill this context we tend to cause and the Catalan scalia for school here’s a classic art recall twisting the Aces this effect is a cool im property cartridge so it requires lives better and it’s…

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Card Tricks | French Twist | Performance Magic Tips Revealed | Give Away

hi everyone look much like our table the winners of my last trip giveaway are revealed in the Description box below please contact me to claim your car’s as usual another detective away is coming up the first his an impromptu contract that requires know senator if you really like the track I’ll let you…

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