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Magic Tutorial – BLIND

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Out of the Blue by James Anthony – A Real Magic Review

Hello and welcome to Real Magic Review. My name is Steve Faulkner – thank you for joining me on this endless quest to find magic tricks that we will actually learn and use to entertain other people with rather than just sit at home and bore the hell out of members of our own family…

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MOST DANGEROUS Magic And Escape Auditions On Britain’s Got Talent! | Got Talent Global

What’s your name sir? My name is Andrew Lee I’m 31, and I’m from Malaysia Why Britain’s Got Talent There’s always the dream to be on Britain’s Got Talent and there’s always my hopes to perform for the royal family. Okay? Brilliant Are you married? Nope, but I’ve got my girlfriend over here. Who’s going…

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Magic Tricks for Kids: Card Trick ‘Impossible Prediction’

Magic Tricks for kids: Card Trick ‘Impossible Prediction’ Wow your friends and family with this baffling card trick. They’ll be desperate to know how you did it. You will need: A deck of cards, a pen, and some paper. Preparation: Before you begin, pick a card and put it at the top of the deck….

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How to Do the 2 Detectives Card Trick | Coin & Card Magic

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Magic Trick with a Playing Card and a Sharpie Marker

Hey everyone my name is Quan and today I’m going to do a quick magic trick with one playing card and a Sharpie but first I’m going to do something with this card because i’m going to write something on the back of this little guy So on the back of this playing card, I…

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I Am Going to Read Your Mind – Disney Characters (Magic Trick)

hey everyone my name is Quan and I am a magician today’s trick is going to be a little bit different because instead of having me to do the magic I’m actually gonna have you do the magic if you follow my directions carefully because we’re going to make that magic happen right through your…

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Magic Tutorial – The best Torn and Restored Card Trick EVER – RIP

(dramatic music) – [Daniel Madison] The nine of clubs is torn into four pieces. Those four pieces are placed directly into the the participant’s hand. Before the participant has even covered those pieces, the playing card is completely restored. I am Daniel Madison. This is RIP. (dramatic music) Yes I can repeat myself. I would…

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Wallet Prediction Card Trick | Coin & Card Magic

Jason: Now Anne would you help me out with this one again, I guess these are all stand alone. Now Anne would you help me out with this one? Anne: Sure. Jason: Would you just go ahead and shuffle those cards, and as you do I’m just going to make a little bit of a…

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Marvin’s Magic iMagic: Box of Tricks and Marvin Magic iMagic at Toy Fair 2015 | Beau’s Toy Farm

Today on PART TWO of Toy Fair 2015 my show is MAGIC! In a moment… Magic’s master showman, Andy Reay, shows me some amazing tricks at Marvin’s Magic stand Marvin himself tells me the ‘iMagic’ secret! Shhhh! It’s the latest thing! It isn’t even in the shops until Autumn. Time for a bit of magic,…

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