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Magic Tutorial – The Blackout Shift

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Amazing Card Trick set to DISNEY SONGS

Hey everyone my name is Quan and today I’m going to show you guys a really cool card trick along with my favorite Disney songs listen to the lyrics really closely to the cards and I’m so excited to share this with y’all so with that being said check it out (Turn on your sound)

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Magic Tutorial – SUZAN’S KINGS

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Magician wows Tinkerbell with an Impressive Card Trick – Disneyland

Hi! Congratulations! (Quan) Thank you very much, how are you? Can I get a hug? Yes, of course Where did you graduate from? We’re from Texas, so I graduated a lot of there Okay, do you mind if I show you something real quick? Sure! Okay, like a card trick We’re gonna use your pixie…

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Magician Justin Willman Teaches Jimmy a Trick to Make Soda Disappear with His Mind

-How is it going? What are we doing tonight? -So, I love watching you watch magic, right? But I see that a lot. I rarely get to see you do magic. So I wanted to teach you a trick, if that would be cool. -I would love to. -Good idea? -Yeah. [ Cheers and applause…

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Magic Tutorial – SWITCH Deal

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Use ANY Deck of Cards and Look Like a Pro With this Card Trick

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Middle School Student Illusionist Can Make Money Float

What did I just see…? 1,000 won is in the air?! Are you for real? I don’t have psychic powers, it’s just magic! Wingardium Leviosa… 500-won coin won’t fit inside the bottle! Unless you blow on it! These 4 cards are all blank cards Flip it again, and there’s a spider web! Care to brush…

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Magic Tutorial – Charlie’s Deck Switch

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Magic Tutorial – Mad Monte

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