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Magic Trick Revealed – AGT

I will reveal the end of Eric Chien’s magic performance. I will tell how the coins disappeared and a cloth with drawings The coins are gone! The pen is gone! How did he do it? Eric Chien creates a distraction for the judges. Everyone is looking at the magician’s hands, but the secret is on…

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Magic Clock for a Witch

Alena Polyn is with you I’m demonstrating a wonderful magic clock available at the Witch Shop What is great about it? It has no hands Instead of hands there is a Crown The Crown is a symbol of the growth It helps to raise in life Besides, as the symbol of the egregore of the…

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How to Read Body Language of the Hands + Magic Trick from GelasiMagic

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How I learned my first magic trick | ইমান ৰাতিপুৱা কিয় উথিলো | How to series Episode 1

Good Morning people. Like I mentioned in one of my previous videos… Not sure if its still morning or not for you. But for me its still early in the morning… Woke up just to make the video. Feeling so sleepy but still… You might have guessed today’s topic by the name of the video…

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♫ (magical warlock music) ♫ This videotape is the most important component in the magician’s levitation system. Let’s begin our demonstration by using mental powers to move an object. Fling the card like this! You’d better be prepared to be the life of the party! ♫ (ominous interdimensional magick party trick) ♫ (inhales) ♫ (upbeat…

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The Magician Tarot Card Reading and Meaning

Hello my tarot loving friend Today we’re going to talk abou The Magician tarot card Today we’re going over just this one card, but if you’re new here and want to learn all of the tarot card meanings, hit the subscribe button right now, and then click that little bell so you can stay in…

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Sealed with a Kiss – card trick

Alrighty? Hello! Hello. So, got a card trick for you. Jenni here doesn’t have a clue what’s going to happen, do you? No clue! No clue at all. That was a terrible shuffle but that will have to do. So, pick a card first of all. Not that one! Only kidding, pick that one. Pick…

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2009 Close-up – Norwegian Magic Competition WITH SUBTITLES!

I need a deck of cards for this. Anyone who has a deck of cards that I can borrow, put your hands up! May I borrow your deck? I also need someone from the audience. Would you please join me up on stage? What’s your name? Liv. Give Liv a big round of applause! You’ve…

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The Impossible Card – Android Magic Trick 2013

Here is a card trick anyone could do with a borrowed deck of cards and the impossible card up magician would then pass the phone onto the spectator wouldn’t touch the frame from this point forward now ask the spectator to shuffle the deck as much as they can’t once they’re happy with the shuffle…

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TU102 Perform Arts – Magic Card Tricks

Arin: Hmm. That’s so boring. Arin: Do you guys know that I can play a card trick? Kiwi: Are you sure that you can play it? Arin: Sure. Kiwi: Prove it! Prove that you can do it. Huong: *gasp* Kiwi: Wait what? Are you serious? Kiwi: You said that you can do the trick. Kiwi:…

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