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Amazing Card Magic Tutorial. (Twisting The Asher)

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Learn the BLOODY Card Trick – MAGIC TUTORIAL

(mystifying music) – I just got back to New York and I received one of the two decks that will be released on Thursday, October 10th. This is the FEAR deck. This is the Halloween charity deck. If you know, every Halloween or Halloween season for my birthday, we do a big event and every…

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Fool EVERYONE With This COIN TRICK – Coin Magic Tutorial

(gentle music) (lighthearted music) (gentle music) – Better. I’m starting to regret this. Yo, yo, yo, guys, what is going on? Alex Pandrea here, back with another video and a new look. Hope you are liking this so far. I’m regretting it already. Kind of wish I had a time machine to be honest. But…

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How to Produce a Card out of Thin Air! (tutorial)

(upbeat music) – What’s up YouTube? Chris Ramsay here. Thanks for tuning in once again, and sorry for the long delay on the posts. I’ve been quite busy, but I’ve brought you guys some goodies, so today I’m gonna teach you a cool one-card production that looks like this. It can be done once the…

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Amazing Card Magic Trick Tutorial (Advanced) and a NEW Deck of Cards from Chris Mayhew

– What’s up guys, I’m Xavior Spade. Welcome back to another video. If you’re watching, this is probably right after Thanksgiving, if you’re watching it early. If not, then then I don’t know what the hell you’ve been doing. Probably eating turkey. But anyway, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a great one….

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Digital Magic Trick – Android Tutorial

Hi guys! Thank you for purchasing the Digital Magic Trick app. You select in the list the object you want to make appear over the home screen. The icon on the right of each object allows you to define the size of each object by pinching in/out with your fingers. You click on the “Start…

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CARDINI CHANGE – Color Change Tutorial (EASY)

– In today’s video, we are talking about one of the coolest color changes and one of the most popular color changes out there, and what better setting to teach a color change than with the changing of the leaves in fall, ah? See, I thought color changing leaves, color change. Let’s get into it….

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Ghost Impact – Magic Trick #16 – Tutorial

To begin the trick, you click on “Launch Trick” button. Once the camera view is visible you lock your smartphone and place it on the table. The spectator picks any card then you put all the playing cards back into the box. You unlock the smartphone then you ask the spectator what is the selected…

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Stories, Magic and Moments in the City!! // IMPROMPTU STREET MAGIC

[Music] there’s a magician who is deceased now if you go on YouTube I guess you could just punch in magician smoking cigarettes and basically you pick a card and he starts lighting up cigarettes and he has conversation with you while you’re while you picked a card and he always ask you what is…

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Magician Reacts to ACTUAL GOD LIKE Sleight Of Hand!!

– Yo what’s up guys and welcome back, this… (sigh) This my office this is the kitchen area. Your not getting a full tour yet, I think were going to do that on Friday so stay tuned for Friday. Hit the notification bell to make sure you… If ya You know whatever Okay. So today…

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